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So you’ve tracked me down and entered my world…What awaits is anyone’s guess. One day I may be railing about some world problem the next it may be teaching folks how to throw the perfect 2 seam fastball. I get into a little bit of everything, whether it be camping, political issues, or just a little random rambling.

Who am I? I wish I knew the answer to that. I’ve done a little bit of everything over my lifetime, and traveled to excess in an attempt to unlock the secrets of the world, or for work…Okay mostly for work. I am a disabled U.S. Air Force veteran, a good friend, loving family member, and tons of other things you’ll learn over time.  Something you’ll figure out quickly though is I am a baseball junkie and have a quirky way of expressing myself.

This is a space to pour my soul out and allow my friends in the writing world a place to share their thoughts as well. Even if you find yourself bored with me for some unimaginable reason it’s always a good idea to check in and see what talent has made their way here to share their insights and knowledge.  Hopefully when you stop by here you’ll learn a little, think more, and laugh a lot! Life is too short to stop expanding and too wonderful to not enjoy even if you have to fake it some days.

Leave a note, tell a friend to stop by and most of all enjoy!


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Nice to meet you. Saw your baseball comments on EA and dropped in for a visit. You seem to know your stuff!

    I grew up with the Expos and took on the Jays when they formed as by then I was living near Toronto. Just got back into the game this summer after a decade away due to indifferent Jays management.

    I’m a fan but a rational one. My team isn’t always right or best – I just wish for them to be.

    Anyway, nice blog and see you over on EA.

    (am on twtter tincanman2010)

  2. nice to meet you Mandy

  3. HI Mandy mind candy indeed, i like this regular girl with irregular thoughts and a fully functioning brain, REALLY like your writing style and the diversity of your topics.


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