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SubmitEdge Scam Followup

Posted by mandyf on May 7, 2013

After a recent post regarding the scams being tun by “SEO” Company”SubmitEdge”, we’ve had brief contact with someone claiming to be a part of SubmitEdge who tried to defend their business and practices as well as new information about what is happening behind the scenes at the business. Rather than having any fears put to rest or any actual useful information to clear the SubmitEdge name, it just gets worse. My recent interactions regarding them for this followup did nothing but paint a picture of a company in disarray that not only screws over clients, but their own employees past and present.

We recently learned that SubmitEdge is alleged to have outsourced the online and phone support based in the US to a call center in either India or Pakistan. That could not be confirmed however as Company head Honcho Richi Modi either doesn’t read his email or refuses to answer queries regarding the sweeping changes his business is undergoing. Outsourcing is the right of every business, however, SubmitEdge has their head so far up their ass, to this point they can’t do that right even.

SubmitEdge portrays that they have representatives located in the US, however we learned that for 6 years they had only one representative in the US who basically did nothing but handle complaints from dissatisfied customers. They claim a base of US operations in Texas, yet the address they use is a letter drop that no one picks up from and their representative that was in Texad has been some thousand miles away from there nearly twoe years.

Speaking of which, we gleaned from some posts regarding SubmitEdge circulating Facebook, that particular employee was released from the company afyer 6 years of service via a two line email with no severance or warning on a Monday afternoon. SubmitEdge did allegedly pay a one week severance eventually after being shamed into it according to the posts we saw.

A week later, however, we saw that they still expected their recently released former employee to shill for them and fix their customer service problems. SubmitEdge uses a rather antiquated IVR system, from what we could gather, which they left on. What that did was cause all calls to continue to go through to the home office phone number of their released employee and at the time of writing this, it is still happening. According to a Facebook post we saw on 5/5/13, said former employee submitted a bill to SubmitEdge for the inconvenience and their failure to re-route calls to their new call center – which according to what we found through several phone calls is not actually in use yet. So far, Rich Modi, his deputy Govinde, and all other employees refuse to acknowledge or pay the invoice.

According to the same post, when the former employee contacted Sid at SubmitEdge about the calls coming through, his answer to the problem was “If calls are coming in, then do not answer your phone.” Not that they would fix the problem or that they would honor the invoice or even any civility. After a few more calls testing their phone system and online chat services, we learned that they do not have a UK office either. It’s another mail drop and the calls that go there are calls rerouted from The number for the US which aren’t answered. Only 2 times in 10, did an actual person answer and when they did, their representative, once again Sid, could not answer any questions about their service packages correctly and simply kept referring me to their website while reminding me to only speak to him on live chat so he could get his commission. To say he lacked knowledge and was pushy is an understatement.

When the calls were not answered, they went to a voicemail and none of those calls have been returned yet. Through further investigation, we also learned that a number of Euro based banks are refusing to honor or placing a hold on all payments through them to SubmitEdge based on the irregularly high amount of charge-backs lodged against them for failure to provide services or substandard services. In the US, we cannot conform the same, but found plenty of complaints from former customers and non-customers as well concerning compromised banking data and stolen credit cards (including a US Gov. credit card) being used to purchase services without confirming identity of the person placing the order.

As far as contact we did have with SubmitEdge directly related to our last post, we received a comment from  a person named “Jim” from a rand new WordPress account that had no activity but the comment on this blog stating that SubmitEdge was a most honorable company with goodly intentions and the best customer satisfaction and services in the SEO industry, When I asked if the actual author was Sid or Danny, two known SubmitEdge employees, sent by Richi Modi or Govinde, the comment and account disappeared.

But it comes back to the question – is SubmitEdge a scam? Definitely yes and no. No so far as some people do get some services and if all you want is poorly written content submitted to their own directories with tons of backlinks from their own blogs and a few bookmarking sites, they are not a scam. They are a scam, however, so far as they completely misrepresent their abilities, locations, employees, timetables for delivery, where you get links from, human vs automated submission, quality of work, durability of links, customer satisfaction, never having customers penalized or sandboxed or genuine reviews as they paid for those they have. They also outsourced all their onsite blog writing until recently and use that as an example of the quality level of writing they have while actually delivering content from ESL writers.

But hey, Google SumitEdge on it’s own and you’ll see scam reports everywhere. Buyer be warned.


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