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Submitedge Scam – You aren’t getting what you think you are

Posted by mandyf on April 29, 2013

Submitedge is a company out of Mumbai, India, headed by Richi Modi which bills itself as being pros in SEO, reputation management social networking, – basically anything they can charge for they will tell you they can do regardless if they know what you’re asking for or not. They seem to make a decent amount of money and do pretty well. The question is, really, are they any good? I’ve been acquainted with Submitedge for some time – I’ve watched how they operate and push down anything that is negative about them – as they will do with this post undoubtedly. If you want to know what is going on… here’s some real info.

Submitedge is not in the US or the UK or anywhere but Mumbai. They have someone that answers a phone in the US so people can talk to someone that speaks English, but that person can’t really help you because they ignore her. Same as they did with convention reps that they expected to pay for everything out of pocket and then stretched out for weeks or months to reimburse – thousands of dollars. Steve, Sid and all the other people you get a hold of at Submitedge they tell you are in the US (or allow you to think they are at least unless questioned) are all in India.

Got a complaint? Need a refund? Forget it. You will be made to wait for a few months usually after jumping through hoops they make up as they go along. Their services? Antiquated. They stuff they are peddling is the same as when they started and it works no better now than it did then. They repackage and rename it all as need be, but in the end, you’re just getting directory submissions of poorly written blogs linked to each other.

Speaking of blogs, the blogs you’ll get are a bunch of crap. They are written by people with a marginal grasp of English and spun over and over and then linked to each other over and over. This is stuff that is so bad, you can’t afford to have your name on it. A lot of it is nonsensical filler with keywords.

But why take my word alone for it?

“As far as the quality of the blogs..let me check..pretty bad and badly spun articles.”  – Found on seomoz

“I have purchased their GOLD package for US$ 799, I have wired the amount into their bank account. Yet they claimed to have never received the money. Well, who do you think should I believe, AAA+ rated European Bank or a small indian “SEO company”? :) S**t happens.”  Not good for submitedge

And here is someone that used Submitedge that wound up with a Google penalty over their work – something they claim has never, ever, happened on their site. “Their article submission link building service caused my blog to be penalized by Google. See blog post –http://www.freemindsfreelines.com/2013/02/article-submission-link-building-fail.html .

Also, did you know Submitedge regularly provided discounts for good reviews on a regular basis? That was a regular thing until they were dinged it.

Did you know Submitedge will generally ignore your refund requests unless you publicly shame them, so always have a plan ready to blog about them (And rank) so that they have to deal with you. Usually, they offer a refund if you remove the post(s) or any actual evidence they screwed you. Otherwise, be prepared to wait.

Another customer said of submitedge “I am no longer wondering if I can save $400-700 on a questionable campaign through a cheap, hack service that sends reports with dead links in it(twice).”

Or maybe take this word of this person: “I have had a terrible experience with their services. Don’t use them if you want article work or any ‘google safe’ SEO work. I have had no reply but I have asked for a refund on my left over credit in my SubmitEdge account, as google has just penalized my site because I used their ‘SEO Friendly Slow Directory Submission Package’ and article directory submissions.”

” I am still waiting for any possible signs of … well… anything really, i bought the directory submission service and I have not had 1 hit yet to my website.. ?”

And one more example of submitedge service: “If you are considering outsourcing any link building, I would avoid these scammers. What they are doing in link building is nothing short of dangerous to your site. To make matters worse, when I said to them “okay keep the money, but remove those poisonous links” they refused to do it. I can’t stress enough they need to be avoided. Full details and examples of the links they built are here at my submitedge.com review.”

I don’t work for Submitedge nor have I ever. I don’t have any money hanging out there waiting to be refunded. I refuse to use them. Why post this then? Submitedge is a scam. Always has been. I’ve watched them and toyed with them enough to know this. Richi Modi and his right hand man Govind are more interested in getting you to part with your money than they are earning it. They are always going to instruct their people to tell you they are working on whatever your project is even if they aren’t. They will string you along as long as they possibly can to make getting refunds harder.

Not everyone at Submitedge is bad. There was a time they had some decent people working there. Most all are long gone now. I leave you with this thought:

Google Submitedge scam and you will see the first few results are their efforts to spin out articles to combat scam posts about them – more telling, they outsource them away from their company because their own writers can’t rank. Look at the positive reviews for them in forums written in broken English, usually under names like Rick or Ricky. if you can’t smell scam, and you don’t want to believe the dozens of people screaming scam, maybe you deserve to fall victim to a submitedge scam. maybe then you’ll learn.


One Response to “Submitedge Scam – You aren’t getting what you think you are”

  1. It seems he also goes under the name Richi Moody (Used in an email to me, regarding…) and he also has another company called Xhtmlchop (PSD to HTML services) that runs out of the exact same Texas address which is currently listed online as vacant and for rent. Side notes: Richi has no linkedin profiles that I can see and Rishi is a very common Indian name. Everything here smells fishy. And based on SubmitEdge’s history, I’m not going near Xhtmlchop.

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