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Why I’m A Liberal Feminist: I Was Raised Catholic, Any Questions?

Posted by mandyf on April 20, 2013

I said, “Okay… I put the baby Jesus in my mouth and can’t chew on him or everyone goes to hell.” My father turned as red as I’d ever seen him, my mother began to weep, my grandfather was clutching his St. Patrick medallion and my grandmother was working the rosary with one hand and spritizing me with holy water with the other.

I was informed in no unclear terms that I was to never utter the any phrase which included “Put the baby Jesus in my mouth” ever again. After things settled down they began explaining transubstantiation to me and I remember thinking to myself “Does anyone really buy this?”


By Amanda Fox

Catholicism is what helped me form many of the views I have today. I was raised Catholic in a family that believed Vatican II reform was the work of the devil. To say we were ultra-conservative is an understatement. Most people that know me, loosely at least, think I hate Catholicism and religion in general – particularly since I declare my faith as Science. Hey, it’s what I believe in and that’s my choice. The fact is, I am thankful I grew up Catholic because it taught me so much and actually served as the basis of my becoming a pro-choice feminist liberal.

Where I am today and what I do and do not put my faith in has nothing to do with rebellion. It’s all about logic, and I say unapolegetically, witnessing rampant hypocrisy to a certain degree. This is my story.

I was baptized like…

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