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Being a parent isn’t about being popular

Posted by mandyf on March 6, 2013

Parenting isn’t about being popular with your kids, it’s about doing the right thing. It’s doesn’t always feel good to make decisions for our kids that we know they won’t like, but as they say, someone has to be the grown up. With that said, it seems as if kids are running the show more and more with each passing generation. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like more kids are calling the shots for themselves at a younger age that ever before. Far too many parents similarly seem content with that trend.

Today, I’m sharing a post by Tracy Madlener from Spicie.com called “I’m Your Mother… Not Your Friend” in which she offers her perspective on this as well. I found a portion in which she wrote the following really hit home, because honestly, how can you really argue with this point:

“A soothing voice, and a hug will always calm a crying child.  As for the child having a screaming tantrum?  Don’t give in and stay firm.  The tantrum thrower shouldn’t be rewarded because mom is fed up and doesn’t want to deal with her little firecracker.  Discipline is expected for bad behavior and needs to be practiced whether the parent wants to or not.  It’s a part of the job description when signing up to become a good parent.”

I really enjoyed this and wanted to pass it along. I do encourage you to give it a read and let her know what your take is on the topic as well.


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