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Inexpensive getaways on a budget: Tybee Island, Georgia

Posted by mandyf on January 29, 2013

More and more people are not only looking for great new vacation ideas, they are looking for those ideas to be economical as well. While the major vacation destinations spend their money trying to attract more visitors so they can keep their prices up, there are plenty of out of the way destinations that are more than reasonable to visit, one of them being Tybee Island Georgia. Tybee Island may not be for everyone, but by the end of this article you may decide it is the right place for you.

Tybee Island is one of those areas that always seemed to be forgotten due to accessibility issues in the old days.Originally you could only get there by train, but eventually they road arrived and things seemed like they would change. That wound up not being the case necessarily as as Tybee Island still remained a quiet little corner of the world for the most part.There failure to become a bustling town now becomes a great success as they are quietly one of the most relaxing vacation getaways that few people have ever heard of. Best of all they have several great rentals that provide a great bang for your buck.

The Luscious Little Cottage as it is known is advertised as 99 1/2 steps to the beach and stands out because it is painted a vibrant pink. It is available for weekly rentals year round at a rate of $1,500. While that may not sound cheap to you, compare how much a house on the beach goes for in most places and you won’t get a much better deal. Wile it was built in the 1920’s, it comes with a fully equipped kitchen, outdoor however to rinse the beach sand and salt off, central air conditioning and heat, an outdoor grill, high speed internet, WiFi, satellite TV, and a VCR. There is a maximum of 5 guests (One bedroom, one bath, a daybed, and a detached outdoor bedroom with two single beds), and smoking in the house and pets are not allowed.To check on current rates or book a week they may be contacted at 877-524-9819. The property is located on 9 Lovell Avenue.

About three blocks from the ocean is The Little Beach Cottage located on the south end of Tybee. The cottage sleeps six with two master bedrooms and two baths. It isn’t quite the Luscious Little Cottage, but it has its own charm. The problem with this rental is the price fluctuations which run from about $1,100/week to over $2,100 per week depending on the season and proximity to a holiday. Information and rental reservations can be made by calling 800-786-5889 or Oceanfrontcottage.com

a popular place to stay in large part based on its price of $1,050 per week. The Shrimp Cottage is located across from Memorial Park and was built in the 1960’s. It has two bedrooms with 1 1/2 baths, and comfortably sleeps six. For a small family this is the perfect place to be near everything, but still trim a few extra dollars off the bill.

For a large family or group the Inlet Breeze Cottage which sleeps eleven is near downtown Tybee and two blocks from the beach. It does cost about $1,750 per week, but considering how much it would cost to put up a large group in a hotel for a week this is a steal. In the cottage you’ll find three bedrooms plus an additional area for sleeping if necessary, as well as two large baths, a screened in porch, and a fenced in yard which is great if you have little ones with you. They will also allow pets, although you will have to inquire as to their specifics regarding the indoor/outdoor policy for them. For further information or booking arrangements call 912-313-0784

Finally for a large group around a dozen people that require plenty of privacy and want to be very close to the beach, 10 Twelfth Street is the best option. It does run about $2,500 per week, but it is a huge dwelling. It is a two story house with six bedrooms and four bathrooms. The rates per week do vary so you will want to inquire to them as early as possible. This is a rental you will want to lock up as far in advance as possible to get the best rate due to its demand. For rental information and arrangements call 877-524-9819 or visit tybeecottages.com

Whatever lodging from this group you choose is sure to a good experience. If you are looking for a quiet getaway with tons of down home charm and a beautiful beach Tybee is one of the best kept secrets on the east coast. Book in advance, double check rates, and don’t be afraid to ask for reduced rates. You may not get them, but in tough economic times with fewer people taking vacations you may be able to arrange a better deal. While in Tybee take advantage of some of the local cuisine as well instead of eating in every night, they restaurant prices are reasonable, and you are on vacation after all!


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  1. Ryan King said

    I couldn’t agree more. Tybee is our favorite place to go for vacations. There’s places to visit like the lighthouse or the fort, great places to eat and it always has things going on year round.

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