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The worst prescribed medication side effects

Posted by mandyf on January 27, 2013

The FDA usually does a pretty good job of keeping medications that can have side effects worse than what they are treating away from the consuming public. In some cases however, it seems that what the FDA deems acceptable is a little off from what most normal people would define as such. Side effects from medications can be as mild as a headache, a bit more urgency to urinate, or dry mouth. On the wild side they can induce side effects it is amazing anyone would ever want to deal with.

 Take for instance the drug Mirapex which is used to treat Parkinson’s Syndrome and restless leg syndrome. This is a drug that is well known to amnesia in some patients. While the amnesia is almost never permanent, although that has happened, losing snippets of your life does not seem like a great trade-off when compared to having a case of the Jimmy legs. Usually the memory loss is isolated to losing the previous day when it does occur, but still that is pretty harsh.

Dealing with aches and pains are often a reason many people use prescribed medication, but what do you do when the medication is cause? Lipitor and Allegra are a pair of drugs known to do just that. You can take Allegra to stymie an allergy and wind up with a backache that is even worse. Lipitor takes it a step beyond pain and has been cited as causing loss of muscle control and possibly permanent nerve and muscle damage as a lawsuit against its maker Pfizer now alleges.

An assault on your senses would definitely qualify as an undesired side effect. Imagine taking Vasotec to treat your high blood pressure and the next thing you know there is a ringing in your ears, you have lost your sense of smell which takes taste along with it, and you have blurry vision. Usually those who experience side effects on Vasotec do not experience them all at once, but it is a distinct possibility for some users.

While some people see hallucinations as a form of recreation, for most people they are deeply disturbing – especially when unwanted. Mirapex and the drug Lariam which is used to treat malaria are both known to cause hallucinations in some users. In the case of Lariam it got so serious the FDA added prescribing guidelines that required they be screened for depression and psychosis before taking the drug. Scarier than that, Lariam was a staple item of the U.S. Army for soldiers being deployed overseas until around the year 2005 according to most estimates. Trained soldiers with weapons and hallucinations is rarely a good mix.

Xenical, also known as Orlistat or Alli in low doses, does a great job of blocking the absorption of fat by the body to help people lose weight. Another way it helps some users lose weight is by causing fecal incontinence, which is just a pleasant way of saying loss of bowel control. Gas that has an oily discharge is another lovely possible side effect. While the guidelines state that if a low fat diet of less than 15 grams of fat peal is followed there should be no problem, should be no problem is the key phrase. Even following the diet, fecal incontinence is possible, if it is not followed, it is like having urgent explosive diarrhea non-stop.

Suicidal ideations are definitely a side effect of medications you really do not want to have, yet  Lariam and Chantix  and Paxil have all been linked to users having well defined and documented suicidal ideations. In the case of Chantix, some 400 suicide attempts and 40 successful suicides are linked to the drug. What is really scary is that each drug’s manufacturer admits that suicidal ideations are a possible side effect, although it too an investigation to get that admission regarding Paxil in which documents proving said knowledge was covered up before the drug was approved.


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