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How to braid a fishtail

Posted by mandyf on January 5, 2013

Learning how to braid a fishtail is simple and easy. Within a couple tries anyone can make a perfect fishtail braid in their sleep and have one of the trendiest hairstyle looks trending. The fishtail braid is so popular in part because it is so simple, but also because it is the perfect combination of playful and sophisticated. There are only four simple steps you need to follow to have the perfect fishtail braid.

Before getting started, shoulder length hair or slightly longer looks the best in a fishtail braid. You can fishtail braid longer hair of course, but it seems to lose a little pop the longer the hair is. To get started, you need to do a little prep. Brush your hair in front of the shoulder – not behind as you would normally do. It works best to do this opposite your dominant hand – if you are right handed brush your hair in front of your left shoulder. Simple enough? Let’s get started!

1) Divide the brushed hair into 2 equal parts. Secure one section of hair between your pointer and middle finger, and the other between the middle and ring finger.

2) Smooth the hair down, then take a small section of hair about the size of a piece of yarn that is not currently secured between your fingers. Once you have done that, pull it behind your middle finger and place it in a section.

3) Repeat step 2 with another yarn sized piece of hair placing the strand in the section that did not receive the first.

4) Continue repeating steps 2 and 3 over and over until you have attained a fishtail braid that is the length you desire. Once completed, secure the ends with an elastic.

How much easier could it be? A quick word of advice is that it is not uncommon to get a few bumps or even snarls in your hair when you fishtail braid. As soon as you notice either, stop braiding and brush the unbraided section of hair until it is smoothed out and snarl free. You will also likely notice a few sections of hair that stick out of the braid a little – relax! That is expected and a part of the look. Before going out, tug on the sides of the braid’s loop so that it has a loose casual look to it – the point of the fishtail braid after all is not looking too put together, just enough to be stylish.


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