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What are the world’s most expensive perfumes?

Posted by mandyf on December 28, 2012

The world’s most expensive perfumes are not going to be found at your corner store, or even almost any regular department store. Each day countless men scour the aisles of their local drugstores, department stores, and boutiques looking for perfume they think their wife or girlfriend will love. Most often they do this as a last ditch effort when they forgot about a birthday or anniversary. Most of the time coming home with a bottle of Charlie or whatever the sales clerk says is the “in” fragrance at the moment is what they settle for. Buying perfume however can pack quite a punch and make a statement if you get the right one. In fact some of them are so in demand and unique that they are as expensive as buying a beautiful piece of jewelry, or even three pieces! These are the world’s most expensive perfumes available.

When compiling a list of the world’s most expensive perfumes certain restrictions had to be applied to keep things fair. While many will cite Imperial Majesty as the world’s most expensive perfume, the perfume itself is only a fraction of its $215,000 per bottle price tag. The bottle is what makes it expensive being made of Baccarat Crystal and claiming a 5 carat diamond stopper. For our purposes, such perfumes which are based almost solely on limited edition jewel encrusted bottles and the such will not be considered.

Topping the list is a perfume from Clive Christian, the creator of Imperial majesty, which is called Clive Christian’s No. 1. This is the exact same perfume as it’s far more expensive big sister Imperial Majesty, but it comes in a normal bottle and weighs in at a much lower price of $2,150 for 1 ounce. While a fair portion of that price lies in its .33 carat diamond stopper, even without that it still comes in well ahead of anything from the J-Lo line for instance and will definitely get the attention of any woman that receives it.

Next on the list is Caron’s Poivre which weighs in at $2,000 for 2 ounces. This Paris based company first designed Poivre (Which means pepper) in 1954. It is a unique blend of red and black pepper extracts along with spices and cloves. What makes this especially popular is that the scent works well on either men or women. It is also available in a Baccarat Crystal bottle during certain promotional periods.

Weighing in at number three is Chanel’s Chanel #5 a long time classic and always in style fragrance. A 15.2 ounce bottle carries a price of around $1.850 dollars. While this seems like an out of control price, Chanel #5 is actually a parfum which is the purest form available so it will last much longer than most perfumes on the market today. When it is further viewed in regards to cost per ounce, this is actually a very good buy. Luckily in case you can’t quite swing the price, smaller sized bottles are available, but as with anything the price per ounce increases as the size of the bottle decreases.

Making the list at number four is Baccarat’s Les Larmes Sarcrees de Thebes which carries a cost of $1,700 per .25 ounces. In case you don’t wish to do the math, that is $6,800 per ounce! Don’t look for the ounce size as at this time the .25 ounce bottle is all that is available are 6 bottles at the Roja Dove Haute at Harrod’s London Parfumerie. The main ingredients in this scent are frankincense and myrrh and the bottle is pyramid shaped and made of baccarat Crystal.

Rounding out the list of the worlds most expensive perfumes is Annick Goutal’s Eau d’Hadrien which carries a price of $1,500 per 3.4 ounce bottle. First released in 200, this is a scent which carries a strong citrus overtone primarily composed of grapefruit, cypress and Sicilian lemon.

There you have it, the world’s five most expensive perfumes! While there are always special edition perfumes with gaudy bottles and the such not generally available to general public in any way shape or form than via auction, these perfumes are available to anyone either locally or online, if of course they are willing to meet the price.


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