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What are the worst conditioners for your hair?

Posted by mandyf on December 26, 2012

The worst conditioners for your hair on the market may be a surprise to you, in fact they may be in your bathroom right now! Most people fall into the trap of going with a name brand or the highest price product on the store shelf assuming it will be the best. What all too often winds up happening is people get a poor product in a great package that still leaves there hair greasy, oily, and flat. In order to help avoid buying one of the conditioners that has been lowest rated by Total Beauty they are presented here for you. Take note, just because a conditioner is one of the lowest rated does not mean it will not work for some people, just that for most it has been found to be less than effective.

At number ten is Garnier Fructis Fortifying Curl and Shine Cream Conditioner. While Garnier is usually known for excellent products, this one is rated as a dud. The most common complaints are that while it does a good job of controlling the frizzies, it weighs hair down leaving it flat and and according to some respondents actually seems to make their hair get oily faster. If your willing to trade flat heavy hair that gets oily for a cure for the frizzies, by all means go with this conditioner.

Dove Advanced Care Conditioner looks like another dud. The bottle advertises “sheer moisture” but must people with dry hair said this did absolutely nothing for them but cost five bucks. Other complaints are that it does nothing to soften hair or fight the frizzies, and that it smells bad. Really bad. Enough that some wouldn’t use it even if it did everything promised on the bottle.

The eighth worst rated is the Aveda Blue Malva color conditioner which carries a price tag of $17! The claim of this conditioner is hat it will neutralize brassy tones, however the feedback is that it doesn’t do any such thing. Some respondents said that using a very large amount that if left to sit for five minutes or more does somewhat work, just not very well. What everyone seems to agree on however is that it does a great job of staining the tub or sink with a nice gray color that is no fun trying to remove.

TIGI Bedhead Control Freak Conditioner makes an appearance here by failing to control much of anything. The bottle looks great and at $12 it should because this will never sell based on the conditioner being any good. The most commons complaints are heavy hair and oily roots. Some people even claimed it made their hair hold a static charge because it dried out so quickly. Whatever this conditioner is doing, conditioning isn’t too high up on the list.

At $8.75 the vegan Lush Veganese is supposed to be a green persons best friend in the hair care department as evidenced by it’s $9 average cost. The problem is most people said this dried their hair out and left it in tangles. Others cited this made their hair course and rough and left them with no body at all. Apparently it somewhat controls fly-aways for those with thin hair, but not much else.

At the middle of the pack is the Alberto VO5 Silky Experiences Moisturizing conditioner. The good news is this only costs about $1.25. The bad news is that it isn’t even worth that. Not even with a coupon for 50% off. The most common complaint is flat dry hair you have to fight to get a comb through. Others said the conditioner smells okay in the bottle, but not so hot when it reaches their hair, and of course this does nothing to provide and body for your hair. Survey says- this is a loser!

At number four is Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner. For around $12 you would expect this does something good for your hair, but you would guess wrong. The overwhelming sentiment is it smells great but leaves your hair in a sticky oily mess that is impossible to manage. Others complained it left their hair stiff, and almost everyone said it appeared to do nothing but create more hair problems than before they used it.

Burt’s Bees More Moisture Raspberry & Brazil Nut Conditioner is a bit of a surprising loser with those who tried it. At $6 it isn’t too unreasonably priced, but what it delivers is unreasonably tangled hair that did nothing for curly or wavy hair. In fact one person responded they needed to use another conditioner after using this just to clean up the mess it made of her hair. Others said it made their hair stiff to the point the couldn’t comb through it.

The second worst conditioner of there at a cool $22 is Jonathan Product Condition Leave-In. At this price you would expect something besides a known name and fancy bottle, but again you would be expecting too much. One user said that this was “Sticky, heavy, and smells terrible.” She seemed to pretty much speak for the pack as nobody seemed to find any redeeming qualities in this conditioner. Other said it did nothing to soften hair, and still others cited that it made their skin breakout. For $22 you would expect more than stinky, smelly hair and an itchy scalp.

The worst conditioner of them all as ranked by the Total beauty study is surprisingly John Freida Brilliant Brunette Light Reflecting Moisturizing Conditioner. Think of everything bad that a conditioner can do and this one delivers on them. heavy unmanageable brittle hair with a funky smell that builds up oils like a tanker spilled. That’s about what this conditioner holds in store for its users. Add in that it doesn’t even deliver a little luster and even at only several dollars this is a huge loser.

As said before, these will work for some people, but for most the were a big bust. they just didn’t deliver what their labels promised and generally caused more hair problems than existed before using them. If you’re looking for a new conditioner, these may be the ones you want to avoid.


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