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Common hair loss myths debunked

Posted by mandyf on December 26, 2012

When it comes to hair loss myths there are some that sound reasonable and others that are pretty off the wall. The myths survive however because so few people really understand how hair grows and what things can actually cause hair loss. Likewise, there are plenty of myths surrounding what will make hair grow faster, and some are so old they have transcended being old wives tales and gone straight to old grandma’s tales!

 A popular myth that survives for obvious reasons is that having too little sex leads to hair loss. It sounds like a great reason to keep the home fires burning, but there has never been  any evidence submitted by any organization of strong repute that sexually activity and hair loss or growth are linked in any way.

Using hair dryers or blow dryers leads to hair loss is yet another oldie but goodie. In a certain sense it is a little bit true in that you can overuse either and cause your hair to become heat damaged and brittle which can lead to breaks, but neither will cause permanent hair loss.

A hotly debated hair myth is whether or not washing your hair too much leads to hair loss. The short answer is no. it is suggested that hair should only be washed three times per week so that the natural oils produced by your body be allowed to do their job, and some hair care products are harsher than others, but so far none that are FDA approved have been shown to do follicular damage. Over-washing can damage the hair itself, but not the root.

A true gem of a hair myth is that if you stand on your head, you can stop hair loss. The rationale behind this is that if blood flow to the scalp is improved then no further hair loss will be realized. It sounds great and reasonable, but so far there has been no evidence presented that standing on your head can stop baldness in its tracks. If it were true, there would be quite a few men spending their time at the gym doing that instead of pumping iron.

The myth that wearing a hat causes baldness is pretty unreasonable. That is not to say it is impossible, but to meet the circumstances need to actually cause hair loss by wearing a cap, hair loss would be the least of your problems. The myth states that wearing hats cuts off blood circulation to the scalp which in turn causes hair loss. In order to cut off circulation to the point your hair follicles lose blood flow, you would basically need to wear a hat that was so tight you would need to use grease to get on in the first place and a crowbar to remove it after.

It has been said by many people and on a slew of television shows and movies that if you shave your head, or any hair for that matter, it will just grow back thicker. The truth is that just isn’t so, it is just a teensie bit of an optical illusion. After shaving your head, you see the base of your hair which is the thickest part of your hair. Because the thickest portion is easily visible rather than hidden below a mass off hair as it usually is, it stands out more prominently than you are used to seeing.

Some believe that if you are bald when you are born, then you are destined to be bald later in life. Actually, being born bald only signifies that the genes responsible for hair growth haven’t gotten into gear yet. This is nothing more than a slight developmental delay that means nothing more than your hair hasn’t sprouted yet.

A favorite hair myth of many women is that brushing your hair stimulates growth. The old saying was 100 strokes with the brush per night, but in actuality this does nothing to promote growth. It can however lead to an increased amount of split ends and a fair amount of unnecessary breakage.

A classic hair myth is that bald men are sexually impotent. In actuality, if anything, baldness would be a sign of sexual potency! DHT is what primarily causes hair loss, and DHT is also what fuels the male sex drive, so the myth is completely shattered. Bald men can be sexy and quite virile.


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