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The best Google toolbar gadgets for online writers

Posted by mandyf on December 21, 2012

The Google toolbar is loaded with gadgets, some are fun, others are aimed at news, and some are great for writers. At first glance you may look at some Google toolbar gadgets and wonder “how is that going to help me write?”, so here, several of the best Google toolbar gadgets for writers will be identified and an explanation as to how they can help your writing will be detailed. It must be stated  that these gadgets are primarily aimed at online writers, however most can help people doing research for their offline writing as well.

Diving right in, the first thing you will need  to do is download the Google toolbar 5. This will allow you the greatest ease of use and allow for the widest variety of toolbar gadgets. The Google toolbar 5 can be added to any browser, so even if you do not use Google as your default browser you can still reap the benefits.  The download process is simple and quick and it is not an “eyesore” of a toolbar so that is a nice fringe benefit.

Once your Google toolbar 5 is installed you will notice several icons or gadgets that appear as a default. Subtract any from the toolbar, or simply hide them, if you do not feel they will be of use to you. Next you want to begin searching out and adding gadgets to help you with your writing process by clicking the blue plus sign (+). Below are some that are of particular use to online writers.

* The Google page rank bar – This will provide a number on a scale of 1 to 10 that ranks each page you visit. To make it easier to estimate traffic on a page the gadget is a white bar that fills in a shade of green going left to right. The greener the bar, the more traffic a page is getting. This helps you track in round terms how any page you have created is doing.

The second benefit of this is that in the drop down menu for this gadget you can check for cached versions of a page and backward links which helps you find where your material has links leading to it if any.  It is not perfect, and sometimes does not find links from sources that have negligible page rank, but for speed and ease this is still very useful.

* In online writing the name of the game is getting read – traffic equals money. To help drive more traffic make sure you have the share button. The share button is a great gadget because with one click you can send whatever page you want to your blog accounts, email accounts, Facebook, Digg, etc… This makes getting the word out that you wrote something new fast and easy.

* If you write about current events regularly you want the get news gadget. This will deliver the latest breaking and biggest news stories directly to you. It highlights the latest six or so stories to hit the air and then allows you to view a more comprehensive listing by clicking the more link in the bottom right corner.

* If you find yourself stuck for a word or the spell check you are using insists you have something wrong, having a dictionary and thesaurus on your toolbar always comes in handy. There is no need to leaf through your hardback editions or leave a page to pull up an online dictionary or thesaurus elsewhere with these gadgets. The answers are only a click away and save a ton of time over the long haul.

* Online writing is no longer secular – it is global and so is your audience. One way to set your content apart from others is by providing comprehensive information for your readers. A single area that is often problematic for writers – especially those that do product reviews or articles of that nature in which money is involved is currency conversion.

The Google toolbar has a handy conversion gadget which will convert dollars, pounds, euros, or anything else to whatever currency you desire. if you know you are writing something that will interest both U.S. and UK readers, being able to provide accurate prices  in dollars and pounds (euros is a nice touch to add as well) is a great thing to be able to do.  This also helps if you are suggesting a product sold in a foreign country to readers where you live as some may net be aware of how much money  100,000 yen is for example.

* Have you ever had trouble finding research material on a niche topic because most of the best looking information is written in a foreign language? Maybe not – yet – but eventually most prolific writers that do a large amount of knowledge based content do run into that very problem. To get over that hump, the Google toolbar translate gadget is the answer. Getting what you need in a language you can read is as simple as two clicks.

There are numerous Google toolbar gadgets that can be of use to you depending on your area of writing including:

* The calorie composition counter
* All-in-one search
* Inflation calculator
* The Google Adwords trend tracker
* Credit card calculator
* Domain WHO.IS – just in case you want to find out who is using your articles without your permission
* The cost of living calculator

The key to using Google toolbar gadgets to make you writing easier, faster, and more accurate is identifying the particular toolbar gadgets that will benefit you the most. If you write about financial matters mostly – pick the gadgets geared towards that. If you write to get high SEO and Google Adword revenue – pick the gadgets aimed at that. The toolbar gadgets are only helpful if you actually use them – and now that you know where they are and what they can do it’s time to make them work for you.


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