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Ideal gifts between $50 and $200 for teen girls

Posted by mandyf on December 20, 2012

Finding the perfect gift for a teen girl is almost as hard as finding two identical fingerprints as the things that are high on their list of favorites changes with the wind it seems. There are however some great gifts that are almost sure to please in the $50 to $200 range if you do a little leg work. Sure you can always give cash or buy a gift card which they will certainly use and appreciate, but if you want to really see them light up and you yourself want to feel like you gave the gift of the year, try some of these ideas on for size.

If the girl in question is a music lover a download gift card is going to elicit a thank you, it’s not something that is really exciting or unique. Buying CD’s and concert videos is okay, but again do you really know their full music collection? Odds are you don’t and you’ll duplicate in whole or part something they already have. What option do you have for giving the gift of music then? Give them concert tickets! You may have to snoop a little bit to identify what performers are high on their list at the moment, but once you figure this out you are halfway there. Check the local listings to see if any of them will be appearing in the next month or two. Depending on how much you want to spend will determine which show to choose and the number of tickets you buy. There’s no fun in going alone so be prepared to buy at least two tickets so she can bring a friend. It is not only a great night out, but a great lifetime memory and you will be the coolest gift giver ever!

Cellphones are the cornerstone of every teen girls life it seems and more than likely the one you’re shopping for is no different. A new cellphone is always popular and in demand! This is a gift that will get used constantly. Supposing there is no need for a new cellphone then consider expanding their coverage plan. Text messaging is just a fact of life for teen girls and depending on which end of the spectrum you want to stay near you can up their coverage under most carriers to an extra 250 messages a month to unlimited messaging. Believe me, this will go over huge! If it’s your teen daughter you are buying for it’s even better because it will cut down on those bills chock full of charges for all those messages that went over the existing monthly plan which saves you money as well making this a practical two-way gift.

For the fashion conscious teen, especially the girly girl type, something from their favorite designer is always a hit. As many designer products are out of a teen girls range to purchase on their own. It is possible to identify something even in the $50 range from a designer line, but it is going to be more likely that you will have to plan in going over $100. The designers that are always in demand with most teen girls are Donna Karan (DKNY), L.A.M.B (The Gwen Stefani owned line), Dolce and Gabbana, or on the lower end Harajuku Lovers. An outfit is nice but you will likely do better to look at their line of accessories, especially handbags, cellphone accessories, and things of that nature. Having the “right” bag is always a must and will get plenty of use.

Perfume is a woman’s most powerful accessory so it is always a safe purchase. It may sound boring, but the right scent is always a great gift. Unfortunately for most teens the “right” perfume is a very expensive perfume by their standards as they can easily run over $100 dollars for just an ounce in some cases. Being able to identify what it is they like and getting it for them will go over as good as almost anything you can buy. Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger is a popular choice on the low end of this scale, Prada has several offerings on the higher end that are sure to please as well.

Teen girls also like to be pampered, and providing that never goes out of style. A gift basket of bath oils is always popular. Jo Malone offers an assortment of six bath oils that runs about $70 but with some smart shopping you can find it for less. On the upper end of the scale you can generally buy her a spa day, or at least a spa afternoon where she can literally be waited on hand and foot. She will walk out feeling and looking great! This is a gift that has never let me down in the past and it never goes unappreciated.

Depending on how well you really know the girl in question, buy them something related to a hobby or passion. For artists a great set of paints or a couple large canvasses to work on are always appreciated as they are expensive. A magazine subscription, or even as many as three related to their interests are always fairly popular and cost efficient these days as some can be had for under $10. Just be sure it is something they will actually read.

The key to giving a great gift is knowing the girl you’re buying for. Don’t get carried away, remain reasonable and stay within the price range you have set up. Stuffing cash and gift cards in a card is always an option, but to really give them something they will love do your homework, try some of these ideas out, and watch how your gift is the one they talk about well into the future.

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