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Great gifts for tokens of affection

Posted by mandyf on December 8, 2012

When it comes to settling on great gift ideas to give as tokens of affection, the first thing to keep in mind is the word “token.” A token is something that should be simple, the type of thing that says “I’m thinking of you” or “just because.” Save the diamonds and furs or autographed team football for one of the big occasions, for day to day reminders of your love you can down shift a little and take it easy on your credit card, little things can go a long way if you pay attention and do a little planning.

Something easy and inexpensive is to make someone a special CD of music. Yes the world has mostly moved on to iPod’s, but CD players are still everywhere so have no worries. It’s inexpensive and it takes very little time to burn a disc. Choose songs that are relevant to the time of year or a current situation. If the object of your affection is an athlete you may want to consider choosing music to pump them up. Get creative, it doesn’t have to be sappy selections to be a token of love. The thought put into it is what makes it a token of love and not just a disc you burned.

Is there something coming up which is special to your lover but not such a big deal to you? use that occasion to show a little love! Suppose your special guy or gal is a die hard sports fan, but you’re not., what can you do to show them you’re paying attention to their likes without having to spend a day watching the pregame, game, postgame, and then hours of ESPN highlights? Try setting him (or her as plenty of women love sports) up with a special sports day. On the day of just any regular old game for no particular reason make them up a platter of their favorite snack, buy them some of their favorite beer, invite a couple of their friends over to watch the game with them, and then leave them to their sports. That is something that will go over huge and cost you nothing but some time. Maybe your gal is attached to a television program like Sex in the city for example. You can do the same thing except you’ll want to ditch the beer for martinis, however, the thought is the same. Sure, you can argue it’s more a gesture than a token, but the result is the same.

Avoid things that someone needs, instead identify small things they want but for some reason just haven’t purchased. Maybe they haven’t bought it because they would have to go out of their way to get it, or they just have it on their list of things for when they have a few extra dollars and it’s right in front of their face. Everyone has a few things like that in their mind. Find out what those things are without being obvious, pay attention to what catches their eye when you’re out together, see what commercial on television piques their interest and make a mental note of that. One day when you have time pick a few things up and put them aside to give out here and there over a few months. Maybe it’s perfume, a ball cap, a silly bobble-head, or one of those weird “As seen on TV” type products that look cool but they would just never buy for them self.

The point is anything can be an effective token of your affection. What matters the most is you identify something they will enjoy and give it for no particular reason, but rather just because you want to. You can give it to them directly, or for smaller things slip it into their coat pocket, briefcase, purse, or someplace they are sure to find it with a little note attached. Remember that it isn’t about the price tag, it’s all about the thought!


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