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Are you looking forward or back?

Posted by mandyf on December 7, 2012

Today I want to share this gem from the web about two words – “What if?”. I never really thought about it until recently, but there are primarily two ways people use that little phrase which are “what if I try doing” and “what if I did”. It’s about whether people are looking ahead or stuck in the past trying to re-engineer something that is long gone and can’t be changed. This post has some good positive messages about why we want to be careful about spending too much time in “what if” land and why if we do, it has to be in the proactive sense and not so much reflective.

Did you ever sit back and say to yourself “That’s what I want to do!” or “That’s who I want to be!”? Most of us have. I’m actually pretty sure all of us have and likely more times than any of us can recall. Every now and then, we all dream about a new life.  Some envision the future when they do this and ask “What if I try XYZ to get to point A?”.  Others go a different route and reflect on the past  asking “What if I did ABC – would I be at point A now or on my way to it?”.

One of the things about being a human is we ask our self “what if?” a lot.  For the most part, we do this in the here and now or regarding the future.”

Are You A “What If I Did?” Or “What If I Do?” Person?


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