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What moms really want for Christmas

Posted by mandyf on December 3, 2012

What most moms really want for Christmas are just three things. They don’t cost money, they don’t require Herculean effort, and they mean more than anything else you can give them. By now you have probably guessed what they are, if you haven’t however you really need to read on and find out so you can give the greatest Christmas gift ever to your mom this year. What is great is that you can give these gifts at any age to a mom of any age, and they never go out of style.

The first thing most moms want is just to hear “Thanks for everything you do mom. I appreciate all the effort you put in without asking. I appreciate everything you will continue to do for me in advance. You are the best mom in the world and I love you!”

That is a pretty easy gift to give and while you can phrase it any way you want to, just sharing that general sentiment with her in words, not on the inside of a card, will mean the world to her. You’ll see her light up, maybe even cry a little bit, and you’ll get the best hug ever in return! This is a gift she is likely to return on the spot, although she’ll say you’re the best son/daughter ever, otherwise it would just be weird.

Make mom something special like updating her scrapbook, making her a new one, or making a memory box. Almost all moms start out keeping every scrap of paper you ever scribbled on, every photo, and basically everything you ever touched. As the years pass it gets tough to keep up with chronicling your life. You can bet she still saves almost everything about you, she just doesn’t have the time to organize it all. Do it for her. Fill in those empty pages of the scrapbooks. Pull the photos out and fill in information on the back like who else appears in the photo or a special memory you have related to it. Take some time to write short notes or thoughts on colored paper and insert them on the pages so when she thumbs through she can read your words. For really big things, organize it all in a box that is filled with things like your baby shoes, maybe your baby blanket, favorite stuffed animal, things you worked on together like a school project. It may sound corny to you, but your mom will love it! Especially if you’ve been away from the nest awhile or live too far away to spend time together regularly.

Finally, give mom the day off! Granted she may insist on cooking the Christmas meal, and that is probably the best thing for all concerned. While she is doing it though, stay out of her way! Let her have her kitchen to herself unless she asks for you to join her. That is a gift in and of itself. Aside from that though you take the initiative all day when it comes to chores. Clear the table, wash the dishes, clean up the Christmas wrapping from the floor. It really won’t take you much time, but just knowing that she can really relax all day will mean the world to your mom. Moms are on the job 24/7 365, cutting it down by one day will make her happier than you know!

Just because you didn’t spend money or give her something new doesn’t mean it isn’t a gift. The most important part of a great gift is the thought that goes into it. If you do this for her she will brag to her friends about it all year, and although they may not admit it, they will be jealous of her because you gave your mom the best gift of all, you gave of yourself!


One Response to “What moms really want for Christmas”

  1. Libby Keane said

    I always ask for the same thing. Two arms to hug me. I always say, “Your presence is more important than your presents.” They think it’s corny while they are young, but I guarantee, there will come a day when they realize the value of such a gift. Great post Mandy. Thank you.

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