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How to track flights online

Posted by mandyf on November 26, 2012

Getting information on a flight online is very easy at flightware.com. In fact, of all the sites which do almost nothing but track every commercial flight in the world, flightware.com may be the most popular. Aside from being kind of cool to play around with, having easy online access to flight information is very practical. For anyone that has ever tried to call an airline or airport and find out any sort of information about a flight that has already taken off, even if it is something simple like whether the flight is on time, it can be a frustrating situation.

Flightware.com is possibly the best online flight tracker around. What makes it so popular is that the interface is very easy to use and it updates with great regularity. Beyond that, it is pretty fun to use. All that you need to get started is the name of the airline and flight number you are looking for and you are in. As soon as that information is provided you will see a map appear that shows you exactly where the flight is in the air. If you want more information than that however, you can get the detailed flight report, and by detailed, they really do mean detailed.

While most people get the detailed flight report to see the flight progress bar which tells how long a flight has until it is scheduled to make its final approach, it also provides the full route, how many miles are left on the flight, airspeed, altitude, an for some real giggles, the least amount of money spent to purchase a ticket on the flight as well as the average ticket cost and highest ticket cost. When you see a flight with one person paying $60 and another upward of $1,500, it really makes you wonder.

You may wonder why anyone would need all that information, but think about this for a second. You need to go to the airport to pick someone up, but you know how unreliable and hard to get information on an active flight can be. Without having to rely on finding someone to help you, you can log in, find out if a flight was diverted, if it is in a holding pattern, and even sometimes where the flight is in the waiting queue in the holding pattern which lets you know how long you have until it actually lands and unloads. With that kind of information you know if you have some extra time before you need to leave, or if you are at the airport already, extra time to kill. It beats standing around watching and waiting for the arrivals and departure screen to update.

Flightware.com is so simple that even young kids can use it, and be entertained by it. Even if you do not have the flight number or airline, they offer a quick and easy to use search system to locate what you are looking for. Beyond that, they offer flight planning guides, resources for pilots, news about the airline industry, and a full map of every major airport that is currently experiencing delays. There is even a weather report for the major cities. Anyone that is a regular traveler should stop by flight ware.com for a look at least, and people that regularly deal with travelers would be even better advised to do so.



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