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Movie reviews: Tru Loved

Posted by mandyf on November 25, 2012

Tru Loved is a heart warming story following a slice of life of the heroine Tru and how she lives in what many would consider a less than normal life. Tru herself is by all means your average sixteen year old high school girl except for the fact she has two moms, and two dads! Yes, this is a gay themed movie, but it goes far beyond being just that, it is about love, acceptance, and friendship.

Tru is masterfully played by Najarra Townsend who has also appeared in Me and You and Everyone We Know, Cut, and Electronica. She is accompanied by a stellar cast including Jane Lynch (Talladga Nights, The 40 Year Old Virgin), Bruce Villanche, George Takei, Matthew Thompson, Alec Mapa, Jasmine Guy (TV’s A different World), and a stellar selection of supporting thespians. Stewart Wade who was recognized as one of “Outfest” 2006 “Five in Focus” wrote this wonderful story which was brought to life by the producer/director team of Antonio Brown and Howard Wexler.

As the story begins one might imagine Tru is going to be a lesbian, but we soon see that maybe that isn’t so and the story centers on life with lesbian mothers. Just as soon as we take comfort in that yet another curveball comes our way and we see the story is really about Tru’s role in helping spread acceptance of the gay community, specifically an individual, to an otherwise ignorant and seemingly hostile school. To find out the details you wil have to watch the movie, but you will find yourself falling in love with Tru and her family and friends in such a manner that you simply cannot tear yourself from the screen or trying to guess every twist and turn.

While it does address some sensitive and timely issues there is no lack of humor. Bruce Villanche serves as fabulously as ever in the role of Tru’s boyfriends father and delivers laughs every time he enters the frame. The comedy is not limited to him however as Jasmin Guy’s deadpan delivery makes exchanges with her mother Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura of Star Trek) golden moments you will want to see again. The manner humor is blended with serious issues keeps this flowing in an amazing fashion and prevents it from ever feeling too deep or somber.

Tru Loved was premiered in June in conjunction with Gay Pride events around the United States and is set for a more wide spread release in the very near future according to entertainment e-zines. It may miss many small/median markets due to it’s lack of “super star” power and subject matter but should find it’s way into most major markets, especially those with a strong LGBT community. Whether you catch it in the theater or have to wait for it to come out on dvd your money will be well spent.

You will see a part of yourself in this movie whether gay or straight, young or old. You will walk away better informed on issues surrounding the gay community and you will definitely walk away entertained! This should be on everyone list of not only must see independent films, but must see films period.


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