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How to do your eye makeup like a celebrity

Posted by mandyf on November 16, 2012

Without a doubt one of the most powerful and seductive features on a woman’s face is her eyes, if they are done correctly. Properly applied eye makeup like the celebrities style can turn you from plain Jane to a siren that can beckon suitors with the wink of an eye. The best thing is that making up your eyes like a celebrity doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take an inordinate amount of time. In fact with practice you can give your eyes the look your favorite celebrity has in under twenty well spent minutes.

The first thing you must do is use quality makeup. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but the dollar store offerings are not going to cut it. You don’t want anything that is going to smear, run or clump before you get out the door. The second thing is to know your colors. No matter how great a job you do of applying your eye makeup, if the colors are not complimentary to you the effort is going to be wasted. If you do not know what your colors are go to the makeup department of any major store and ask the counter representative. It is well worth the time.

Once you know what colors to use make sure have everything you need which will be eyeliner, shadow, mascara, and an eyelash curler. Make sure your face is clean and free of oils, and sit in front of a good lighted makeup mirror. Keep a bit of tissue on hand just in case you make a mistake.

Assuming your eyebrows are already plucked or waxed to the shape you prefer, the first thing is to use concealer just below the eyes to insure that the full tone of your face is uniform and to remove any dark circles you may have. I know it sounds basic but it is important and sometimes it is easy to forget. Also it is easier to do this before working on your eyes than after as you do not want to accidentally smudge your eyes after you just finished them.

The next step is applying the eyeliner. Use a liquid liner on the inner rim of the eye (Just above the lashes) working from the inside (nearest the nose) out. Use long steady strokes to get an even line rather than starting and stopping which can cause a jagged look. Do the bottom of one eye, the the bottom of the next. By the time the second is done the first eye will be dry enough to move back and do the top lids. Again start at the inside and work out in a long even stroke. Make this line slightly thicker than the bottom. It is a point of personal preference as to how far to the inside of the eye you bring the line. If you want the fully framed look that is fine, just do not go over the tear duct.

With the liquid liner in place. A pencil eyeliner comes into play. Make sure it matches the color of the liquid eyeliner you used or you run the risk of creating a clownish look which is too busy and calls attention to the wrong area of the eye. A pencil liner which has a little glitter is best. Again starting at the inside working out, apply a very thin line under the eyelashes. Be sure to not go too thick, this should be very subtle.

Now you are ready to apply your eyeshadow. For the truly glamorous celebrity look you will be using three to four shades to really make your eyes pop. Maybeline’s Dramatic Look line is excellent for this and comes in a wide variety of pre-matched shades for any eye color which are marked so you know exactly what shade is used on each part of the eye.

Using the provided applicator dab the appropriate color for the crease of the eye. The crease is the region between the brow bone and the lid. This color will be slightly darker than the color applied to the lid and create depth. For example if you are going to use a gray tone on the lid, a deep silver would go well in the crease. Work from the inside out insuring you do not overlap onto the lid. Stop just before reaching the outermost point of the eye.

Next you will apply shade to the brow bone. This is the area between the crease and your eyebrows. Staying with the previously mentioned color scheme, something along the lines of an eggshell white will be thinly applied. Use just enough to cover but not so much it calls attention to itself. This is used to create enhanced depth and provide continuity to the area.

Next you will apply shadow to the eyelid. In this example a metallic gray will be used. Apply from the inside out but leave the outermost quarter of the eyelid untouched. In this quadrant you will change shades to a dark blue. Use this to cover the untouched area on the corner of the lid and a gentle dab to the vacant area where it meets the crease. You’re almost there!

Next apply a good quality waterproof mascara. Whether or not you use something beforehand to thicken or lengthen the lashes is personal preference. If your lashes are particularly short or thin you will want to volumize them. Either way, you will then apply the mascara in even strokes gently moving the wand side to side as you work it through. This helps keep your lashes from sticking and clumps from forming. Once your lashes are done to your satisfaction use an eyelash curler to help give the eye a more open appearance.

The final step is also a point of personal taste some celebrities use which is drawing in “cat’s eyes” on the outside of the eye. This is just a thin line made from the outer corner of the eye using a liquid or pencil eyeliner although liquid is best. For a person with a wide eye this helps the eye appear to a bit thinner and less startled. Depending on the event you are preparing for this isn’t always necessary. For an elegant evening out it looks great, for going to work it’s not all that necessary.

Follow these simple tips and you can give your eyes the look of your favorite starlet. With a bit of practice this process will become second nature and you can experiment with changing hues to fit anything you are wearing and always look glamorous. The most important things to remember are to know your colors and use quality makeup.


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