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Be healthy, not a size: Body Image and young women

Posted by mandyf on November 8, 2012

Carrie Eckles presents an account of her own story about body image and how it has impacted the way she has thought and felt over the years and many changes. Body image is a touchy subject, particularly for young women, and Carrie pulls no punches about how hard it can be. This is an article that is thought provoking and deserves full attention which is why I am sharing it here – it needs to be read, digested and read again to grasp the enormity of this issue. We only have one body, and we have to remember that size does not equate to health or happiness necessarily.

“Human beings are constantly barraged with images and notions of how we should be. Those suggestions come from a variety of places, but the big three scream the loudest: family, friends, and the media. And no human is as susceptible to the preconceived notion of how one should feel, look, and be than the adolescent female.

I was born skinny. My mother ate like a pig throughout her pregnancy, but I still came into the world weighing only 5lbs and 15oz. Throughout my childhood, I was the skinniest one in class. It was just who I was. I was constantly picked on for being a “runt” or looking like a “little rat”. Even teachers would refer to me as “that little beanpole”. I was constantly and incessantly teased. Some people meant well; others truly wanted to be cruel. One girl was convinced my parents didn’t feed me and would watch me eat my school lunch to make sure I was getting proper nutrition.”

Please read this full post Being Every Size: The Demons of Body Image as it is important for not just women, but men to understand this.


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