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Richard Mourdock Misspoke – or did he?

Posted by mandyf on October 25, 2012

Senatorial candidate Richard Mourdock may be nuts. he may not have a way with words and he may have flubbed in a way that will cost him the upcoming election. Everyone makes mistakes – except, what if it wasn’t a mistake and what happened was Mourdock actually spoke the words that were in his mind rather than censoring himself? Try as many have to find a way to let the guy off the hook, it’s tough. Here is a look at why Mourdock may not even be deserving of anyone trying to explain away his words in as impartial a manner as you may find on the web.

“Richard Mourdock, Indiana senatorial candidate, has created quite a storm of controversy with his statements concerning – wait for it – rape and abortion. By now, many have read or heard about his statement in which he described the children of rape as a gift from God. Context is everything when you examine a statement like that, and while it is hard to equate anything that has to do with a loving creator to one of the most base and vile crimes imaginable, we have to be fair when we look at what he said and what he means.”

Read the rest at Spicie.com Richard Mourdock, Abortion And Rape – Oh My


One Response to “Richard Mourdock Misspoke – or did he?”

  1. Yordie said

    Hard to conceive of this being misspeak. This is the result of some really screwed up thinking on the candidates part.

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