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Bisexuality: A sexual orientation of its own?

Posted by mandyf on October 18, 2012

Bisexuality is in fact a sexual orientation in and of itself. That does not mean that bisexuality does not fall under the “rainbow” but rather that is is quite distinct just as the other portions of the LGBTQI are. If bisexuality was the same thing as homosexuality it would not be called bisexual, it would just be homosexual with no distinction.

A bisexual person is someone fortunate enough to find that they are attracted to both men and women. In effect the double they odds of finding the right person for them which is not a bad thing. A bisexual person is not confused, greedy, indecisive, or weird in any way. They simply have the inborn ability to look beyond gender and identify what is within a person that attracts them rather than just the primary sexual characteristics. They may see certain things in either a man or woman that they find pleasing to them and have the ability to act on that attraction in a perfectly normal equal way.

A homosexual or heterosexual on the other hand has a more strictly defined sense of attraction. The homosexual finds them self attracted to the same sex only with the ability to only be truly naturally aroused in that manner. Likewise the heterosexual finds they are only attracted to the opposite sex with only the ability to be truly naturally aroused in that manner. Those are very easy concepts to understand which is why it is puzzling that bisexual attraction is misunderstood.

Whether or not bisexuality is homosexuality has been debated and studied to within an inch of losing sanity, and the only thing that has ever really been determined throughout it all is that bisexuals transcend the normal boundaries. Are they truly homosexual people? No they are not, but they are also not truly heterosexual either. They are their own unique classification of people and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. As sad as it is to say, bisexuals get a bum rap from every angle in the gay and straight community alike just because they are misunderstood.

The simplest way to explain it is that bisexual people are no more aware of why they are bisexual than a heterosexual or homosexual is as to why that is their sexual orientation. They just are what they are, a unique bridge between two worlds, a foot on each side of a river so to speak. They are neither gay nor straight, and there is nothing wrong with them being classified as a sexual orientation all their own.


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