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A tour of Rhode Island’s Farrelly Brothers movie locations

Posted by mandyf on September 18, 2012

Peter and Bobby Farrelly, best known as just “The Farrely Brothers” have entertained millions and earned over a billion dollars with their unusual brand of humor in fourteen movies to date. The brothers hail from Cumberland Rhode Island which is just outside of Providence. True to their home, they often return to Rhode Island to film some of the scenes for their movies. Of course Outside Providence which featured Alec Baldwin was one of these, but so was the global smash There’s Something About Mary. By looking at where the Farrelly Brothers shot some of their scenes, you could make a nice afternoon, or even day, visiting the locations and remembering what went down there when the cameras were rolling.

In the Film There’s Something About Mary not all the scenes portraying Rhode Island took place there, but more than enough di to make for good start. Smack dab in the heart of downtown Providence is Kennedy Plaza. While it has changed some since filming, you can still go to there and take the short walk across this area where Ben Stiller and Matt Dillion had there famous exchange about how Mary was a “roller pig” headed to Japan as a mail order bride. Head south towards the water and stop by The Fish Company which is now a bit more of a night club than at filming, but still has the outside area where again Stiller and Dillon had a talk about Mary over a beer. Have one as well and laugh as you recall how Dillon went on about Mary being a “spark plug” even with all her kids and weight hovering around a “deuce and a half.”While plenty more went on downtown the general public can’t get access to most sites as they were filmed in office buildings.

In Dumb & Dumber which featured Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels there weren’t a ton of great locations to visit. The beginning of the road trip scene was shot in Cumberland and not much has changed. There’s also not much to see. However the “Big Blue Bug” standing atop New England Pest Control in Providence is still there as it has been for years and serves as something visitors always seem to marvel at. Although residents have grown used to seeing it, it is a site that many consider a great photo opportunity to share with friends. How often do you get the chance to visit a world famous giant blue cockroach type thing? What the bug is exactly is debated, but it is a big blue bug none the less.

Another Carrey feature, Me, Myself & Irene shot at three different places in Rhode Island. Galilee, Jamestown, and Newport served as the background regularly although most of the filming took place in Vermont even though the film is about a Rhode Island trooper. Still you can stop by such sites as a summer cottage on Mollusk Dr. in Galilee that was used as Charlie’s (Carrey) house. King’s Beach in Newport was the site for the picnic scene, and Brenton State Park was the background for several scenes as well including Charlie meeting his ex. The wedding scene took place at St. Johns Episcopal Church in Newport’s Point section.

Outside Providence was the one movie that was almost entirely filmed in Rhode Island. The movie was set in Pawtucket and did spend a large portion of it’s time there. The easiest place to visit is of course is Brown University which can be reached from downtown Kennedy Plaza with a short walk. The Mt. St. Charles Arena in Woonsocket is also another easy place to visit although admittedly not real exciting unless a game is taking place. The Cranston St. Armory served as the sound stage for most of the indoor shots. So far as scenery goes you can take almost any route from Providence into Pawtucket and see all the outside shots from this film.

While there are plenty of other scenes that were filmed, some locations no longer exist due to changing times. In a likewise manner some are peoples private residence and not truly suitable as a destination to visit. In the past some people have had problems with visitors that weren’t satisfied with just taking a peek. If you are a fan of Farrelly Brothers movies and know them well, you will find as you visit these locations you’ll see so many more than can ever be listed. Get out and enjoy, make a day traveling the state, yes it can all be covered in a day, and reminisce about your favorite scenes. Re-enact them and take some photos. The main thing is to have fun!


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