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Body Image and young women

Posted by mandyf on September 16, 2012

This is  very raw look at what it means to be a woman of different body sizes and how it not only has an impact on the self-image, but how others view an individual as well. It is touching, very real and extremely thought provoking. I ask that you please click through to read this young woman’s account that details these points and how she came to peace with being a woman of many different sizes.


“Human beings are constantly barraged with images and notions of how we should be. Those suggestions come from a variety of places, but the big three scream the loudest: family, friends, and the media. And no human is as susceptible to the preconceived notion of how one should feel, look, and be than the adolescent female.

I was born skinny. My mother ate like a pig throughout her pregnancy, but I still came into the world weighing only 5lbs and 15oz. Throughout my childhood, I was the skinniest one in class. It was just who I was. I was constantly picked on for being a “runt” or looking like a “little rat”. Even teachers would refer to me as “that little beanpole”. I was constantly and incessantly teased. Some people meant well; others truly wanted to be cruel. One girl was convinced my parents didn’t feed me and would watch me eat my school lunch to make sure I was getting proper nutrition.”

Being Every Size: The Demons of Body Image


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