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How the sexuality of an individual isn’t a choice

Posted by mandyf on September 14, 2012

Our sexual identity simply isn’t something we choose one day like we choose what to wear. Our sexual identity is something that simply is. To hold one group of people up to scrutiny in regards to their own personal sexual identity because it isn’t the majority is just plain dumb. There really is no kinder way to phrase that. It is flawed logic to think that all people whom are gay chose to be that way just as it is equally flawed to believe all people that are heterosexual chose to be that way, they simply are what they are.

As homosexuals are the minority group even when lumped together (Gay, lesbian, bisexual), it is they who incur the wrath of the ever vigilant people that seem hell bent on the homogenization of all people so that all of humanity conforms and fits into one neat little box called heterosexuality. It is those people that constantly bring up the debates and questions as to whether homosexuality is natural, sinful, abominable, a choice, learned behavior, or the product of abuse. Notice however they never turn these questions upon them self and ask if heterosexuality is normal or natural. They never question their right to judge others in regards to sexuality, but are quick to question anyone that judges theirs.

Consider for a moment that science has advanced greatly in the past 25 years in regards to not just the technology available, but the understanding of how the human body and mind develops. While many very promising theories as to the organic cause for homosexuality have been advanced including mutable genes, and unequal doses of hormones during the fetal development stages. While these studies have been upheld in the studies conducted on everything from fruit flies in the earliest stages up to what we consider the lower classes of mammals, no government agency will allow for testing on humans, adult or unborn. As such people continue to harp on saying there is no evidence of an organic cause of homosexuality when the fact is there is most likely only no evidence because research was forced to stop short of human testing.

Saying sexual identity is a choice which only has one correct answer completely discounts for the anomalies in nature. It says that in the 1 in approximately 2000 births in which a person is born intersexed they are then gay no matter whom they have sex with, male, female, or other intersexed individuals. How is their sexual identity explained under the blanket statement of choice rather than organics?

Take a look at the issue from a far simpler standpoint, if sexuality was an individual choice, then when do we make that individual choice in our life cycle? If it is truly nothing more than a choice, then it is a choice every person must make every single day of their life. How many people gay or straight wake up, or have a designated trigger in which in their own mind they are prompted to make this choice each day to reaffirm their sexuality? If it is a choice for homosexuals to be homosexual, it is there then a choice for heterosexuals to be heterosexual, something they will not agree to because it then means they admit to having latent homosexual desires at the very least. Simply put you cannot have it both ways.

Even though opponents of homosexual that claim it is a choice often use bisexuals as an example to try to prop their theory of choice up, that again is flawed thinking. Bisexuals may choose whom they are with, and that person may be either sex, but they did not consciously choose to be attracted to both sexes. It is something they naturally have the ability to embrace.

The easiest answer to this is for any person that believes sexual identity is nothing more than achoice, to search their mind for the defining moment they made the concious choice to be whatever sexual orientation they are. Then continue searching their mind to recount how many times they had to reaffirm that choice to them self so they were sure it was still the right “choice” for them. Then finally they must ask if scientific testing were allowed to go on and be conducted on humans to uphold what has already been proved in animals regarding an organic or mutable basis for homosexuality, would it even change their mind?


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