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Tips to bond with your sister

Posted by mandyf on September 7, 2012

The bond between sisters is unique. While brothers can be close, as can the mix of brothers and sisters, there is just something special about sisters. Maybe women are predisposed to staying connected better, or maybe it just feels that way , but it is undeniable that it is a special bond. As we age and settle into our own lives and families however, sometimes we’re reduced to more infrequent contact or find we rely on the toys of the electronic age to stay connected. The questions arises of how can sisters bond and remain bonded?

It’s actually much simpler than many of us think, it just requires the investment of a little bit of time. Phone calls are fine for what they are but they just don’t pack the punch of being face to face. It’s important to have time that is just the two of you, not you the spouses, the kids, or the rest of the family. While there are more challenges to maintaining the bonds when geography becomes a significant factor, it is still possible to keep your sisterly bond tight and growing.

For those who live close to each other it’s really simple to stay connected. Making a commitment to do something as simple as meeting for lunch once a month is a great start. With my sister we find that even with busy schedules and a moderate commute, we can make this happen easily. Sometimes I travel to her, or she comes to me. When time is tight we try to meet in the middle, but we always make it a point to stick to our date!

When it rolls around to our birthdays, we make it a point to take a day that is just for us. Maybe we head to the spa, and top it off with a nice dinner and a trip to our favorite dance club. Sometimes we spend the day shopping, or more appropriately window shopping, but again, we make sure it is just the two us and we never skip a year. It isn’t so much about what we do as it is about doing it together.

We also try to surprise each other with visits. Sometimes we revert back to being teens and just show up at each others house for a sleep over. We load up on ice cream, cookie dough, or whatever there is to raid from the refrigerator, hop into our jammies, and settle down for a night of movies or our favorite television shows. We take the time to talk in nice relaxed manner and shoo everyone away from us. We make it known it is our time and we stick to that.

When distance is more of a factor the challenges increase, but you don’t have to let that stop you from bonding. Try to make a point of visiting each other every year. When possible, take turns as to who will do the traveling. Sometimes a great idea is planning to meet somewhere neutral and make it a sisters only vacation. We had some great times booking trips on those last minute cut rate cruises, visiting Disney, or even just picking a city between us and painting it red for the weekend. There are endless options, and even though it costs a bit of money, can you really put a price on staying close to your sister?

While it isn’t the best way to maintain your bond, calling and emailing is a good complement to having face time. Even if you don’t have much to say, just calling to say you were thinking about her means a lot. It keeps the lines of communication open and let’s her know you care. Stay in touch, make time to spend which is just for the two of you, and stick to your plans! Don’t let trivial things or laziness keep you from each other. While these tips are far from the only ways to stay connected, they are a good start and should keep your bond to your sister strong!


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