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Adoption versus abortion

Posted by mandyf on August 31, 2012

Adoption is a wonderful thing, without it I never would have had the life or opportunities I now posses. I have always viewed adoption as one of the greatest gifts on earth to all involved. The child obviously becomes part of a home, the adoptive parents have a child to love and nurture, and the birth mother has the satisfaction of knowing she has provided much to each party. Then there is abortion.

However, I also wholly believe in the saying “A woman’s body, a woman’s choice.” I hate to see the government or any institution involve themselves in a decision which is so personal and impacts so many people on that same personal level. What is right, adoption or abortion?

As an adult adoptee and a mother, one would think that I would be an advocate for every child being born and have the opportunity for a full life, but that isn’t the case. While not a popular view, I have always subscribed to the utilitarian value of doing the best for the most. At times that does come at the expense of the individual, but in today’s world we have to be realistic. The planet is becoming terribly overcrowded, food shortages are the norm in far too many places around the globe, and to be perfectly honest I sometimes find it hard to fathom one more person being on the planet.

There has to be a system of checks and balances and unfortunately abortion is a part of that system. We simply have to live within the means of what the planet can realistically provide. We have to stop and ask what do we do when the population reaches critical mass? When does many become too many? We see in nature that when the animal population becomes overpopulated they suffer for food, fight for food, and eventually parts of the herd die for lack of food. As humans we are arrogant enough to try to hold ourselves above this principle, but we are simply animals which have evolved to a different level. We are still subject to the laws of nature and we see suffering for lack of food and basic amenities world wide. The human herd is simply that overgrown.

If, and if is a big word, there were more than enough people out there willing to adopt every child that needs a home, and could support them, then my outlook would be quite different. The simple fact however is that this is not the case. Children, especially older ones, go unadopted and become a part of the “System” every single day. Everyday another child is brought into the world that will never have a traditional family life quite simply because nobody wants to adopt them or people that do wish to adopt them are denied, often for rather trivial reasons.

The adoption system could be streamlined and made far more efficient by better regulation and removing the profit motive making it a true humanitarian industry. There are people willing to adopt that simply don’t because they view the process as too expensive and tedious with no guarantee of getting a child. Then there are couples denied children based on sexual preference that could provide good homes. I even know a couple denied adoption by four different agencies based on their age. Imagine being too old to raise a child, especially a child of primary school age when in your fifties. Eventually they did adopt, but had to go abroad to do so.

I would love nothing more than to say every child that draws breath will have a home, but as harsh and hated a thing as it is to say, there are times when abortion is not only justified but necessary and humane. Is it right to bring a child into the world the biological family has no desire to accept and simply hope it finds it’s way to home? Is it better to go back to old traditions of killing children after birth that are unwanted? We scoff at such a thing now, but it was common in our not too distant past. With abortion needless suffering is avoided and it provides children that are already available for adoption better odds of finding a family. Deciding between abortion or adoption is perhaps the hardest choice one can make, but it is a choice and as adoption is no guarantee, sometimes abortion is the proper choice.


One Response to “Adoption versus abortion”

  1. This is a difficult issue. As you know, I’ve adopted three children and, without them, there would be a huge void in my life. However, I also know that not all children are adopted and many spend their lives in ‘the system’ which isn’t the most nurturing of places. But I do believe in free choice and this means I must believe in all the options.

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