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Human Trafficking In The 21st Century

Posted by mandyf on August 23, 2012

Please visit Spicie to read the full post. It is an outright atrocity that human trafficking takes place, and the scale it still exists on may even shock you. As shocking, is the role technology plays in this most heinous of trades. Please be aware of this and know it is happening everyday around the world. This is not just women, but children and men as well. Please, if you can, share this with your networks so we can shine a light on this horrific practice and maybe one day end it.

Human trafficking is not a problem that is relegated to third world nations. It is a practice that is alive and well in industrialized nations as well, particularly in the US and Europe. Estimates from the US State Department TIPR place the number of persons being trafficked worldwide as potentially being as high as 27 million. Not all trafficking is in minors or women, however the underground sex trade industry is heavily reliant on having a ready supply of young women and girls that can be as young as eight years old. Often, these young women are secured in one country and illegally transported to another where they are enslaved.

While what trafficked persons are used for upon delivery and how they are skirted into and out of countries may differ greatly, there are two constants: Money is the motivator and the Internet is considered the single greatest facilitator of human trafficking ever known to humanity. In the early fall of 1995, less than 400 websites listed them self as being connected to the legal sex trade industry.

Please read the rest of this post at http://spicie.com/human-rights/human-trafficking-in-the-21st-century/


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