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8 uses for peanut butter you likely never heard of

Posted by mandyf on August 15, 2012

Peanut butter has some great practical alternative uses around the home besides going well with jelly. Some of the alternate uses of peanut butter are well known, others fly completely under the radar of most people because they just seem too weird. While some will be odd, they have been proved to work. Just be warned though, in some cases the alternative uses for peanut butter may come with side effects, of a sort.

Peanut butter and pets can be a great combination! This isn’t about feeding them peanut butter for the sake of trying to make it look like they are talking to spice up your next podcast, although that does work quite well, it is about their health. It’s often tough to get cats or dogs to take their medication, a good way to make that happen however is to hide their pill in some peanut butter and feed it to them. On a related note, peanut butter is good for dogs as it strengthens their teeth and helps keep their coat shiny. it shouldn’t be an everyday treat for them, but a spoonful a couple times a week usually does the trick.

When most people think of a nasty job like baiting mousetraps they think of cheeses. In actuality peanut butter seems to work better and it’s cheaper than using cheese. The other benefit is it is easier to bait a trap with peanut butter than cheese as it never has to be hooked on to stay in place, and it can’t actually be carried off making it more likely you’ll trap the feasting rodent.

Peanut Butter is great at ending sticky situations. It has long been known as a great way to get gum out of hair by smoothing it in and then magically watching the gum break down so it can slide out. What most people don’t know is it is a model builders (and their parents) best friend too. A little smooth peanut butter can remove most all kinds of model glue from fabric. The trick is that you need to slather some on and rub it in vigorously before actually trying to clean the fabric. This works especially good with stiff fabrics like denim.Also if you have left over residue from where you have removed a price tag from something, a little peanut butter smoothed over the area will take that gunk off in a hurry.

Peanut butter is great for cleaning leather! By rubbing some into leather in a circular motion, as you would any other leather cleaning agent, and then buffing it away the job is complete. The problem is whatever you cleaned will smell like peanut butter. A way to help cut that smell down is to add a little perfume to the peanut butter before starting. It won’t completely remove the peanut butter smell, but it will cut it down quite a bit.

Although you will hopefully never be in such dire straits, if you run out of shaving cream you can use peanut butter to get through the day. The oil helps serve as a natural lubricant and it will serviceably do the job. Don’t apply it too thick, a thin coat is all you need. The downside is the side effect of having to smell like peanut butter the rest of the day. If you plan to go to the zoo and peanut butter is your only shaving alternative, it might be a good idea to just concede to skipping a shave that day.

Around the kitchen you can use peanut butter as a butter substitute when you make cookies. it will obviously change the taste, but if you are not a fan of butter to begin with it isn’t a bad option. Also if you have a lingering smell of fish or other strong foods in the kitchen after cooking, a decent sized spoonful of peanut butter tossed into the frying pan, or whatever is holding the odor, can usually knock the smell right out within a rather short period of time.

If you happen to have a lot of peanut butter, and this is going to take a really big quantity, you can make a biodisel fuel. The first Diesel engines were made to run on a variety of vegetable oils, peanut oil being the specific one the engine was created to run on. It may not be the most practical use for most people but it is a true alternative.

Peanut butter can be used as a lubricant for many tools used around the home garden, a perfect example being lawnmower blades. You may not always have 3 in 1 oil or some similar lube around the house, but it is likely you always have peanut butter in the kitchen.

No matter whether you think these are a but zany or not they do work well and have been proved as good alternative uses time and again. It is a good idea to keep a jar around the house separate from the jar you will use to actually eat from just in case you do add a perfume to the mix, a PB&J that smells like Chanel may not be all that good. While peanut butter does have other possible uses, these are the time honored favorites.


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