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The difference between like and love

Posted by mandyf on August 9, 2012

Love is an emotion, an intangible feeling that often winds up being misunderstood. Love cannot actually be held or quantified and is therefore something we simply accept as being there. While that is the beauty of love that is also the one and only flaw it carries depending upon how one views it. The feeling of “like” is exactly the same as in the above demonstrated nature of love except that it is akin to be the sugar free version of love. There is an emotion of attraction but it just isn’t that overwhelming blinding of the senses feeling.

Love is something we don’t know the workings of. Philosophers have expended countless hours pondering it’s nature, scientists have conducted studies that dragged on for years and were repeated countless times, and each and every person that has entered the cycle of life has at some time or another formulated their own theory whether truly original or not as to what love is. With all that time and energy expended we still don’t know what love is other than something we feel and want to feel forever from the first time we encounter it.

As love or the absence of love touches every relationship and every single thing on the planet it’s easy to see why so many resources have been poured into trying to understand it. Have you ever heard the phrase “I love you but I don’t like you” or it’s better known counterpart “I like you but don’t love you.” Chances are you have, and each is a crushing blow. What it goes to demonstrate though is that love and like are clearly defined separate entities and this is something that we accept whether or not we necessarily like the concept.

Love is something we tend to give carefully because of the potential for pain it carries while liking someone can seemingly change with the direction of the wind. Love is a deep investment of a persons very being while like is more related to a loan of a couple bucks you may or may not get back and don’t concern yourself with much either way. Consider for a moment that you’ve likely never heard anyone say “like makes the world go round.” That just further demonstrates the huge gap between the two emotions.

There are many things as humans we like. We like our cars, we like a television network, we like a particular brand of shaving gel. Some may say they love these things, but the word love in these cases is really an exaggeration that we readily accept to make the connection that someone has a stronger preference for one thing over another. However when it comes to the people we have relationships with we tend to take far more care when using the word love. In a matter of seconds you can find countless articles strewn across the web, televisions shows, books, and counselors all ready to tell you exactly when and how to use the word love in relation to a person. Try finding something similar on “like” and you’ll find little if anything at all.

The reason that is important to point out is that love all at once can lift our spirits beyond any measurement or plunge it lower than the depths of Hades. Love is power and positivity and at it’s core what all we seek. Even unrequited love carries this positive nature although not to the extent shared love does. Like is a nice emotion. It’s positive, but it doesn’t carry that weight love does in the way it plays on our life. People in like have never sat up nights waiting for the phone to ring, feeling queasy wondering where someone is or how they are doing, or gone through bouts of depression because the feeling wasn’t returned. People in like haven’t made tremendous personal sacrifices up to the ultimate sacrifice of life for another person, but people under the spell of love do this every single day around the globe.

So what is the difference between love and like? To be honest nobody really knows. It is different for everyone. The dictionary can give us a clinical semantic breakdown of the differences but in the real world it is just something that triggers within each of us that makes us realize that we either love or like someone. We can both love and like a person or only have one or the other present. Each emotion can grow or wither and love can grow from like just as like can be the product of love. Personally I feel like and love are merely shades of the same emotion, but boy are those shades night day!


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