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How to save money during the summer

Posted by mandyf on July 15, 2012

With the summer upon us everyone is looking for ways to cut down on their bills and put a little extra money away with sacrificing too much. Luckily there are ways to meet these goals, and the best news of all is that they not only will work for you this summer, but every summer! Even if it seems a little annoying on the surface there are ways to make it all work out with minimal inconvenience. Take advantage of as many as possible and watch that piggy bank get fatter!

If you have the ability, meaning land, to grow some of your own food take advantage of that. The first summer you do this will take a bit more time and cost few bucks likely making it a minimal savings, but the following years are when you will really notice the difference. With food costs rising to levels we have never seen produce has become darn near a luxury item. Take a little time to find out what things you like will have good odds of growing where you live. Till the soil, do your planting, and enjoy the results without having to go to the store. Remember to save seeds along the way so the next year you just have to plant them. The cost the following years is only time, some watering, and maybe pesticides if you opt to not grow green.

Cut down on your child entertainment budget. A trip or two to the amusement park may be okay, but hold out for the specials they always seem to run. The daily activities can really be dropped down in a hurry. Avoid the movie theaters and opt for a subscription to netflix or a similar service. Even the most expensive package only averages about $4/week which is less than the cost of on ticket at the movies. Also consider setting up a child care collaborative with friends and neighbors so you can run errands and do your shopping without toting the kids along. This saves you time (which is money), gives you a bit of a break from them, and it keeps them from pestering you for everything they see on the shelves.

Be smart around the house. Water your lawn early in the morning or in the evening. You will need to water less than during the day when a fair portion of the water evaporates rapidly. If you don’t feel like taking the time to do it, buy a timer and let it do it for you, most can be found for around $15 which over the course of the year isn’t too bad, but it will draw power to operate the timer. Weigh your laziness factor here. Indoors use timers as well if you operate air conditioners so that you don’t waste money running them when you don’t need to. When it comes to outdoor maintenance consider doing more of it yourself.

Just by cutting your own lawn you can save enough money, on average, to make a car payment or two.Check the filters in everything, replace old washers in faucets causing leaks, and do your household chores when it is cooler in the morning or evening. When people do chores indoors during the hottest part of the day they usually take longer to finish, and they tend to turn up the air conditioning which doesn’t always get turned back down.

Instead of going out on the town with friends have them over to your place. Take advantage of good weather and have patio or pool parties. Let everyone bring a dish and go BYOB, and the cost is negligible versus going to bar for drinks and appetizers. You’ll still have fun and to keep things fresh you can rotate who hosts each get together.Grilling out is fun, and if you stared your own garden you have the fixings, or most or them likely, for a great salad to go with everything.

Finally since the weather is nice walk wherever you can. Don’t drive down the street to the store, or a couple of blocks to your friends, use some shoe leather instead. When it comes to further savings, if you regularly fight traffic to and from work see if you can adjust your schedule to avoid that which will save gas and aggravation. Sometimes as little as even a fifteen minute change can make a big difference.

While not every tip is possible for everyone, they are things which work every year. Be sensible and always look out for specials, do whatever you can on your own, and in no time you are going to notice more money in your pocket at the end of each week.


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