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Celebrity beauty secrets for ageless aging

Posted by mandyf on July 9, 2012

Some of the sexiest celebrities in the game have remained that way for years while their contemporaries have faded away. What is their secret to ageless beauty, and can anyone follow the steps they do in order to age agelessly? The good news is that yes, anyone can follow their beauty secrets and help fight off the effects of time that show the passage of years. We may not all be blessed with the great head start on timeless beauty that Cindy Crawford or Andie MacDowell enjoyed, but we can age as gracefully as they do by following their celebrity beauty secrets.

Cindy Crawford cites managing her exposure to the sun as one of the biggest reasons for helping maintain her age defying look. She takes great care to make sure that when exposure is going to be extended she employs the use of sun block. When it comes to staying slim, her rule is to be “80% good 8o% of the time.”   There will always be times when people go off the healthy food wagon, but by minimizing those moment we stray it is easier to keep your figure. She also admits to coloring her hair every few weeks to cover the gray and treats herself to a mani/pedi and waxing every two weeks.

Iman helps maintain her look by following what she was taught as a little girl – wash your face and use a moisturizer! For Iman, keeping her skin well hydrated is an essential key to maintaining a youthful look. She is an advocate of drinking a lot of water that she adds ginger, watermelon slices, or mint to. She alos uses an SPF 15 sun block daily and the SK-II Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask each night which she claims makes her look like she just took two weeks off.

At 63, Susan Sarandon claims her secret is staying active. Her take on aging is to greet each day with a positive attitude and to have fun, because a smile always takes years off a face. She is also an advocate of laser treatment – but not that kind that requires a peel – just something light to help remove sun spots and tighten the skin. Ultimately though she says that being perfect is unattainable, so it is best to love yourself and accept who you are.

Diana Krall, who many know of as Elvis Costello’s wife,  is adamant that a healthy diet and good posture are keys to looking young. By keeping what goes on the inside of the body healthy, she believes the outside will look healthy and youthful as well. So far as posture goes, what can give away the years creeping up quicker than a person that is stooped over and has slumped shoulders? She also enjoys a glass of red wine at night and feels that keeping a current but classy hairstyle goes a long way toward properly framing the face and helping keep your look young.

Andie MacDowell who is now 52 says the key to looking young is healthy skin. She is a proponent of eating a lot of fruit and vegetables and drinking two glasses of water for each cup of coffee she drinks as she does not want to give up her java fix. As coffee dehydrates, the water serves to replace the loss. Although she says she likes at least some of the wrinkles around her eyes she believes add character, she doesn’t want wrinkles all over her face! She uses a tinted moisturizer with SPF during the day and a revitalizing eye cream at night.

As you can see, nothing these sexy celebrities that maintain a hot youthful look do is something that cannot be duplicated by any woman. One of the biggest things they all agree on is that aging agelessly begins before you are thinking about aging. They all cite getting started with good skin care habits in their teens and twenties as laying the foundation for the future – although it is never to late to get on board and follow their celebrity beauty secrets.


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