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The best add-ons for Firefox

Posted by mandyf on July 7, 2012

Everyone has had or eventually will have some lousy online experiences – not so much for the content, but sometimes because of site design or similar issues that ruin the user experience. As Firefox has become a more popular browser, they have steadily increased the number of addon features to provide users the best experience possible. In many cases, people don’t even know they are available, but they sure could benefit from them.

NoSquint ends the days of unreadable text. Whether it be that the text on the page is too small, or maybe the color scheme is awful and makes a page hard to view, No Squint will set everything straight and present a page just the way you want it to be.

If you spend a lot of time downloading material of any kind while you are online, DownThemAll is a perfect addon for you. Not only does it increase download speed by as much as 400%, it serves as an advanced download manager allowing you to easily track progress, pause and resume downloads on demand, or download all links and/or images on a single page with just one click.

ClickCutter Auto Copy ends the need for right clicking to copy or using keyboard shortcuts. With ClickCutter all you need to do is just highlight what you want to copy and it will automatically go to your clipboard with no other steps needed.

If you use multiple browsers and are always sick of not having all of your bookmarks synched up, Xmarks is the answer to your problem. It not only synchs your bookmarks, it provides you with site information like how popular a site is, how many people have bookmarked it, and all sorts of neat little tidbits about whatever it is you’ve bookmarked.

FastestFox will make your browsing experience faster by downloading the following the page that follows the one you are currently viewing if the pages appear as a series. It will continue doing this until the series of pages ends meaning that navigating through a document for instance is almost instant.

Adblock Plus is nearly essential for any web surfer providing a myriad of options to customize what ads get through and more importantly which ones don’t. If you’re not sure what to block, or just don’t want to go through the hassle of blocking everything as you encounter it, you can specify a “subscription” which will automatically block the most commonly reported annoying ads.

Firefox offers plenty of options for addons to do all sorts of things to improve your web browsing experience. Some are decidedly more useful than others, but these few can really make a positive change to the web browsing experience of nearly all users. The best thing is if you try one out and don’t like it, they are all very easy to remove without having to jump through a series of annoying and cryptic steps


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