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How your company’s search ranking can affect new and continued business

Posted by mandyf on July 6, 2012

There are multiple ways in which a company’s ongoing business is affected by their search engine ranking. In these modern times, more and more people turn to the web for their information making it imperative that any business have a presence there. The problem for most companies however is that a mere presence for the sake of just that isn’t enough – they need a strong on-line presence which portrays them as being ahead of the competition. It doesn’t matter if a business conducts business via the web or not, these days every business needs to be out there.

Let’s begin by first looking at a business that does not use the web to actually physically conduct business and why a web presence is important. Consider that people more and more are turning to the Internet to search for everything from niche stores to restaurants that deliver food. A perfect example may be a person at home that wants a meal delivered but isn’t positive of exactly what they want, just that it’s not pizza they crave. They can sit at their computer, type in a quick search like “Roxbury restaurants delivery” to get a listing of what is available in the area.

Most people will skip the Yellow Pages entries as they could just as easily open a phone book for that if it was what they desired. What they see about three entries down begins a string of anywhere from several to many entries of restaurants that deliver in Roxbury. Most of these are sites featuring individual restaurants providing full menus, delivery area, hours, etc… If a restaurant isn’t there or ranks way down at the bottom, they may as well not exist almost. Their competition has beaten them to the punch. They have expanded their potential customer base and may even find them self getting good feedback on other sites like Yahoo local guides which propel them even further ahead. This impacts their business immediately and long term.

For a company that does all or part of their sales on-line having a good search ranking is vital. As in the above example the earlier a business appears the better. Early exposure often leads to more sales. It portrays an image of affluence and quality. The only difference from the above example is the product. Why is this true?

This axiom holds true for a number reasons, number one is it is more likely if a business appears in the top thirty listed it has an increased chance of being viewed. This happens for three reasons, one is that people tire of wading through page after page listings. A second way is that as cited above a high search ranking provides a level of comfort, on a very real psychological level we take comfort in a business that appears high in rankings. The third way this is upheld is that on many occasions a person will only scan the first few listings and then make a purchase without exploring any further.

While that has an instant impact on a business via the sale made or at the very least raising their name recognition, it also has a long term payoff. That comes in the fact that if a person buys from a business once and has a good experience it is likely they will get return business plus some added perks. The biggest perk is people talk. Word of mouth advertising is free and highly effective. A case in point is I once purchased a very unique purse on-line everyone seemed to fall in love with and asked about. I gave them the name of the site I found it at, which incidentally ranked number three on the search I conducted, and within several weeks about a half dozen people I knew had made purchases from them, and we all became repeat customers.

it is quite evident that a web presence is important, but more important is a strong search ranking. A strong search ranking gives a business maximum exposure and the best odds of immediate business with the bonus of building a stable long term customer base. Quite frankly for a business that does not have at least a moderate search ranking they are missing the boat.


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