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The single girls guide to finding men

Posted by mandyf on June 29, 2012

The dilemma most single women face isn’t being willing to look for a man, or having the time to do it, but knowing where and how to do it. For most women sending a guy a tweet and sitting around waiting to see if they respond isn’t much fun or very successful. Likewise cruising the clubs and bars gets old and rarely serves as a great pond to reel a good man in from. So what is a single girl to do? Give up? Switch teams and try their luck with the ladies? Survey says – No! All single women looking for men need to do is get a little creative and try some different things.

While the world is going green, the dating world is lagging behind in this trend. Give some serious thought to recycling your old men. Maybe that guy that was too immature a few years ago has blossomed and turned into a real catch. Maybe he even moved out of his parents basement and has learned romance is not giving you a guided tour of his booger wall. Just in case none of your exes has elevated to the level you think is right for you, but they are okay guys, have a man-swap party with some of your girlfriends. Have all of your single girlfriends invite maybe two or three of their exes to a party and just wait to see who winds up with who. You may detest hearing one of your exes explain why Greedo fired his weapon before Han Solo, but one of your girlfriends may be very into it.

Don’t fully discount the online world. Nowadays most people are on some social networking site or another. Why not use those to meet people, but not in the normal random manner. Use your friends profiles like a catalog and “shop” their single male friends on their friend list. This way you can get a little background on them before approaching them, and you have the benefit of knowing they are at least somewhat decent, after all, if they are good enough to be friends with one of your friends they can’t be all bad.

While online, get away from the huge dating sites and try some of the fringe offerings. If geeks turn you on, there’s a site for that. If you live for your pet and treat it like a part of the family and want someone that feels the same way, there are dating sites for pet lovers just like you! In fact there is a dating site for almost every interest under the sun if you look around a little. So give eharmony, plenty of fish, and all the other giants a break and try a more targeted approach.

You may not be a huge sports fan, but plenty of single men are. Finding a sports fan is pretty easy, and while hanging out at a sports bar might do the trick, if you try that approach you better know your stuff. Instead consider getting involved with local sports leagues. You don’t have to be great or even good. You just need to show up and be willing to have fun. Men love feeling needed and helping a woman get their foot in the door to the sports world. In many places good old childhood games like kickball have leagues, and it doesn’t get much easier than that so far as sports go. You’ll meet plenty of people, get to show off your body a bit without it looking like you’re trying to, and have plenty of fun. It’s a win all around.

Stop turning down all those date offers from guys you initially think aren’t your type. Give some of them a chance, keep it casual if you want, but see it what happens. Many women will attest to saying they initially thought the man they married wasn’t their type only to find out that after the first date there was enough chemistry to give them another shot. Just as there is more to you than initial appearances, the same holds true for many men out there.

Get out and do some activities on your own. Just because you don’t have a date lined up doesn’t mean you have to stay in. This is different than going out with your girlfriends, this is a true solo mission. You are more approachable on your own, a pack of women is pretty intimidating for most men to try to take on. This doesn’t have to be a huge thing, just stop down to your favorite coffee shop for a relaxed latte, hit the bike path, or even take a ride out the water and just hang out. The point is you have to get out there and be accessible if you expect to be approached.

As odd as it may seem, make more female friends. The more women you know, the more single men you have to draw on. Just like recycling men, other women usually have a stockpile of exes or men that are good friends they just aren’t into dating they would be happy to introduce to. hence, the more women friends you have the more men you can potentially meet. The downside of this is that if a set-up doesn’t work it can sometimes cause a little friction between you and your new girlfriend.

ladies there are plenty of ways to find single men. They are all around you and by getting out and being approachable or asking your girlfriends for a little access to their single male friends and exes you can open up a huge new hunting ground. Don’t be shy, don’t put it off for another weekend indefinitely, just do it!


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