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Infomercial products for the home almost worth buying

Posted by mandyf on June 23, 2012

Everyone is familiar with the products offered on infomercials, but finding infomercial products that actually work can be quite a challenge. Before you plop down $19.95 (or several easy payments of $19.95 billed monthly to your credit card) or get excited over getting not just one, but two of anything for the price of one, it really helps if you know whether you’re getting anything even worth having. Let’s be honest, if something is crappy, getting double the crap for the price of one isn’t all that great deal. With that in mind, here are eight infomercial products that either live up to the hype, or come close enough to being worth buying if the price is right.

The Shamwow pretty much works, but according to Popular Mechanics you’ll still want to keep a roll of paper towels around. Shamwow removed cola and the stain from carpet, it just wasn’t as easy as on its infomercial. On hard surfaces it picked up about 90% of the spill, but the last bit it pushed around requiring a second cleanup. All told it actually does work enough to be worth having.

The Slap Chop infomercial promises to make all your kitchen chopping, slicing, and dicing a breeze with one easy to use and clean tool. Essentially you put whatever needs cutting in the Slap Chop, slap the plunger, and you’re done. This infomercial product actually works. It does chop everything it says it will and it is easy to clean according to numerous user reviews on several sites.

The Space Bag infomercial claims that all your clothes storage headaches are over if you pony up $19.95 for a space bag. The claims are actually true, The Space bag is actually a vacuum bag (Excess air is removed from the bag compressing the contents) and it does allow you to store everything in about 25% – 33% of the space previously needed.

At $19.99 the Smart Mop is yet another infomercial product that works according to shelterpop.com reviews. It really doesn’t drip, it does clean up liquid spills and more quickly and easily, and dries in seconds just as promised.

The Clapper infomercial has told us for years to “Clap on, Clap off” and it does work. Whatever is plugged into the clapper can easily be turned on and off with a simple clap. The only potential downside is if you live near a busy street with slamming car doors or a construction site it may clap on and off all day according to consumerresearch.com

The Perfect Pushup is a pair of swivel handles a person grasps when doing pushups which the infomercial claims makes doing pushups easier and stimulates additional muscle groups. According to the reviewers at consumerreasearch.com this is actually true, as over 90% of its users were pleased with the results and accuracy of the infomercial.

Billy Mays pitched the Hercules Hook on infomercials forever it seems like, and he could do this because it really worked. According to the Popular mechanics reviewers Hercules Hook did everything it claimed and they stated, “The only reason we couldn’t hang a lawnmower by a bootlace was because the drywall itself failed.” According to Harry Sawyers, Liquid Diamond delivered as promised in its infomercial with one notable exception, it did not pass the blow torch test. it did however revive the paint job of a beat up old taxi trunk with no problem and live up to all the other claims associated to it. So long as you don’t take a blow torch to your car like the folks at Popular Mechanics did you should be okay.

These products are hardly perfect and they aren’t going to make your life easier overnight, but they do mostly deliver on what their infomercials claim. Just remember that when it comes to infomercials if it sounds to good to be true it likely is.


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