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Keeping up with fashion

Posted by mandyf on June 20, 2012

One of the best lessons I ever learned about keeping up with fashion was actually learned from my father and still holds true for everyone to this day. As a little tyke I once asked why he had so many ties in the closet that I had never seen him wear, to which he answered, “Some are in style, and some are out of style, but I like those out of style ties and sooner or later everything comes back in style.” As an adult many years older than that little child who posed the question, it has proved to be true.Keeping up with fashion is really not much more difficult than identifying something you like and keeping it until trends change. That may not however hold true for anyone still owning parachute or M.C. Hammer pants though.

The concept of keeping up with fashion is really quite ridiculous when one stops to think about it. Look at the magazines littering every store and they are actually not telling us what the average person is wearing now, but what they will need to be wearing a few or even several months into the future in order to be fashionable. That either means these publishers are psychic, or they are being told by fashion designers what style of clothing they will be releasing in the future. As we know they aren’t psychic, it is obvious that the designers, the very same designers who buy advertising space in magazines, are the entities dictating what is fashionable.

The problem with that is most people simply do not have the money to keep up with every trend, especially when they change at the speed of advertising. People that try to keep up with these trends often find themselves miserable and broke half the time because that hot new outfit may only be hot the first one or two times they wear it before it becomes dated. That raises an important question which is whether or not keeping up with trends is really keeping up with fashion.

The simple answer is no. Each individual has their own sense of fashion and what they are comfortable wearing that looks good on them personally. Identifying what that is and being happy is what real fashion is for anyone not blessed with the attributes to walk the runway or have designers giving them clothes just so their designs are seen on a famous body. Real fashion is being realistic and keeping up with the changes in an individuals own life and changes and creating good looks just ahead of those changes.

While many would argue that is not truly keeping up with fashion as the media and whims of celebrities preferences are what dictates fashion, and following their likes is dislikes is following fashion, that just isn’t reality for most people. Sure you can do that and see that Giselle Bundchen is wearing her $4,700 sandals and and $600 distressed urban camo-shorts with a $170 wife beater bearing a certain logo to bum around at the beach and identify that as the next fashion trend. Anyone can do that, and for a person concerned with keeping up with the fashion of those we cannot really imitate is what works for some, great! Go for it! But for everyone living in the real world, following fashion is about following the dictates of a budget to put together smart looking outfits which will look and feel good for a long time, not just one weekend.


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  1. True that!

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