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The 5 best age defying eye creams for a youthful look

Posted by mandyf on June 19, 2012

The 5 best eye creams available on the market go the extra mile by working to address not just one problem, but two so that you get the best bang for your buck. Each come with some pretty big claims, but they deliver on them and help turn back time giving you ,ore vibrant youthful looking eyes – which any woman can tell you is a key to looking and feeling great. Keep in mind though that looking young costs some serious coin – more than many people are willing to spend on anything they get over the counter. Ask yourself this though – if you know a product will make you look and feel younger when used as directed, isn’t worth spending a little more?

StriVectin SD Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles comes with a price tag of $59, but it does a great job – maybe as good as some of the higher priced options. StriVectin is filled with peptides and niacin – as well as a little caffeine. The niacin and peptides help reduce the visible markers of photo aging, while the caffeine helps tighten the skin around the eyes so they look more youthful. If you have crows feet, this works great, and you should see results in 2 weeks.

Prevage Eye Advanced Anti-aging Serum runs $98, and while it is excellent, it is still a bit on the pricey side. Prevage contains peptides and Idebenone which are known to help restore collagen which is where the magic for this product comes from. It wears very light, and although it does a barely noticeable job of lifting, it works well enough to be worth trying if you have seriously loose and/or thin skin.

Shiseido Future Solution LX Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream is like the Rolls Royce of age defying creams – as well it should be with a cost of $130! A rich mixture of botanicals and antioxidants provide a temporary lift that is amazing. The one drawback is that it goes on a little thick, but if you warm it up with your hands a little prior to application it spreads smooth and easy and still wears light enough to be comfortable. A bonus is that it wears well under makeup. The price is steep, but you will definitely know where that money went when you see the results.

The Serious Skin Care Eytality Eye Transformation set runs about $50 and is a good bargain. This is a two-in-one product that comes with a day and night formula that helps reduce puffiness and wrinkling. The morning cream contains caffeine to tighten the skin and cause a lifting effect, as well as antioxidants. The night cream is lighter and designed to help maintain the effects of the day cream – at least that is how it seems to work. The highlight of these creams is that they are not greasy (They are  bit thick though) and they are great with sensitive skin,

Estee Lauder’s Advanced Might Repair Eye Complex employs what they term the “Chronlux technology” that helps your body release enzymes when worn over night to to fight off wrinkles. Actually, hyaluronic acid is the active ingredient – and it does work when used as directed. It won’t take 20 years off your face, but it will take you back in time several at least depending on the extent of skin damage you have. It’s very refreshing, and although directed for night use it works well at day and blends superbly with concealer. For $50, it is a solid buy.

These products can be found quite easily over the counter or online, and the prices quoted reflect the MSRP as of the summer of 2010 – if you poke around though sales can be found!


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