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Why she hasn’t answered your email

Posted by mandyf on June 12, 2012

You’ve posted your profile, browsed the site, and sent out more emails to the ladies you think are your perfect match than you can count. You wake up in the morning expecting to be flooded with responses, but sadly find your inbox is empty aside from a note from site admin asking you to extend your membership at a reduced rate. You tried meeting women online and it just didn’t work. Worse than that is you have no idea why no one is answering your email. While it is impossible to know every possible reason why this has happened, there are several likely reasons why she hasn’t emailed you back.

The first and most obvious reason is your profile stinks. Sure she read your note and it all sounded okay, but when she checked your profile it was a mess. You had no photo or a bad one, questions were left empty or with the standard “ask me later” response, and you have all kinds of grammar errors or nonsense cluttering up your bio. Ask yourself this, would you answer an email from a person with a profile like that? The chances are you wouldn’t and she won’t either. Fix it up and try again later.

You may have chosen someone that is already getting more attention than she can handle and isn’t going to answer anyone new unless they completely blow her away with a great email and a great profile. if you don’t fit the bill on both counts the chances are you wound up in the trash can and she is content talking to the people she has already met. It is possible she has already found someone and is just checking her email for the sake of seeing how much of it she gets because it boosts her ego as well.

Maybe you didn’t make this mistake, but trust in the fact a ton of men do, which is being too forward in your email. You may think she wants to hear about your sexual fetishes and the vitals of your endowment, but the reality is unless you are on a sex oriented site that is pretty creepy. She not only is ignoring you because of that, she may very well be reporting you to site admin for sending it. Being too froward isn’t just limited to sex talk either, it can be asking where she works, lives, how to contact her off site, or any number of questions that are just too personal for a first encounter.

It could be as simple as you aren’t her type or that she just deosn’t see what a score you are. Guys, it happens! You can do all the right things, say everything perfectly, but still not get a response for one of those reasons. You may not want to admit that you aren’t her ideal match when you think you are, but if she isn’t in to you, she just isn’t in to you and may not feel like sending you a courtesy note to let you know that. Sure it is poor manners, but don’t let it get you down, it is a possibility this is why your email went unanswered.

It could be that your profile looks great, and you answered everything, but you gave off the wrong vibe in it. maybe you went on about your ex too much, or everything you talk about is focused on the past instead of the here and no and the future. This could very well give someone the impression you aren’t really ready to get into a relationship with anyone and that she isn’t going to waste her time answering you. Be objective, take a good hard look at your profile and ask yourself if this sounds like you. If it does this is yet another possible reason she blew you off.

The truth is she may not have answered your email for any of these reasons or dozens more that all cannot be detailed. The point is you didn’t get a response and more likely than not the reason for that falls on your shoulders. it isn’t fun to admit that, but it’s usually true. take a good hard look at your profile and outbox, figure out if you have done any of the above things that may be a turn-off, and get bak on the horse and try again. the key to getting your emails answered on dating sites is to keep learning from your mistakes and keep trying. Persistence will eventually pay off.


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