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5 things women should know about their body

Posted by mandyf on June 11, 2012

Your body is your temple, and as such it does you well to understand the impact of many things you likely have or are thinking of trying. There is no denying that men and women have different bodies or that they react differently in some cases to the same stimuli. With that in mind let’s take a look at some of the things women frequently undergo or involve themselves in and how their body reacts to them. It is worth noting that not every single woman will respond the same, these are in some part generalizations that apply to most woman, but certainly not every single one.

Almost all women go on a diet at some point. Whether it is to squeeze into a special dress, lose the baby weight, or just feel better about the way you look does not matter, most women will take a stab at the wright loss game. The problem is many women want to lose weight fast and fall victim to any number of fad diets, lately the Master Cleanse and numerous clones of it are the most popular. These diets promise to deliver weight loss by having you scale back and undergo highly restrictive diets in which toy live on as few calories as possible to still be able to function.

You sure will lose weight in heartbeat, but the problem is you start by losing water weight. Then you burn fat, but the brain is pretty good at its job and realizes that when fat is rapidly being burned off it cannot allow that and begins slowing down your metabolism. Once that happens you start burning lean muscle tissue which actually makes your body fat ratio higher than before you started the diet even though you lost weight. Then there is the issue that after several days Omega-3 fats in the brain can decrease which can lead to depression as these brain is about 30% Omega-3 fats. Is all of that worth dropping a few pounds of fat?

With women being busier than ever sleep is always at a premium and more often than not the sacred eight hours of down time is cut to just a few good hours if any at all. Losing sleep will not only make you tired and cranky, it can lead to weight gain and even make it harder for you to think. When you skimp on sleep your brain starts looking for energy and the signal goes out to begin consuming carbs and sugars. Those can lead to weight gain if taken in excess. Your brain is also distracted to some degree searching for energy which when coupled with being cranky makes concentrating on complex tasks more difficult. Finally lack of sleep leads to a lower production of growth hormones which is what helps tissue repair and keeps you looking young and fresh.

While not everyone loves a Big Mac, billions nave been served, and women have eaten their fair share of them. When you eat that Big mac, or any fatty foods for that fact, the fat causes blood vessels to constrict. When this happens blood pressure rises, oxygen flow slightly decreases, and that isn’t a twenty or thirty minute thing, it lasts about four hours! Once in awhile it is no big deal to splurge and eat a fatty meal, a steady diet of fatty meals however leads to consistently tightened arteries and makes you a likely candidate for heart disease.

Kissing and touching other people or vise versa is good for you! For years people have said we all need actual physical contact with people and that sometimes something as simple as a hug is good medicine. According to recent Swiss studies on human contact this has been found to be true. Women that reported being stressed consistently demonstrated lower heart rates after very brief shoulder massages. it has also been proved that human contact whether it be a massage, hug, kiss, or even holding hands with someone you are comfortable with releases oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that plays a leading role in blocking the perception of pain. With that in mind hug away and know that you are doing something good for not only your body but someone else’s as well.

Finally regardless of what studies that circulate every few years say regarding what cardiovascular exercise really does for you, the jury is in that it is good! When a person goes for a jog, walk, hits the stairmaster, or goes for a swim it not only helps keep their weight in check, it helps keep them in balance body and mind. Exercise increases blood flow which helps muscles work more efficiently. Efficiently working muscles have strong fibers, and that includes the heart, not just the arms and legs. Exercise also leads to the release of endorphins which make you feel better emotionally. Finally it has been shown that when people exercise it helps many process and sort information better because a person tends to be less fixated on one thing.

In short get out and exercise and make sure that you stick to a good diet and rest schedule. It is one thing to be told something may be good or bad for you and quite another to know why that is true. Now that you know why certain things concerning your body are true, hopefully it will be easier to stay on the good side of the tracks and serve as a great excuse to hug and kiss more often!


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