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5 great ways to spruce up your porch

Posted by mandyf on June 10, 2012

With the summer comes the time honored tradition of setting up the porch for another season. While some are content to have just a swing, and others do next to nothing with theirs, there are very simple ways to not just spruce you porch up, but make it a central point of your home. If your porch is used for little more than a target for the newspaper boy with a strong arm, or a place to leave muddy shoes behind, try some of the following tips out and notice the difference it makes. What is best of all is these tips won’t take much time to implement and they won’t put you in the poor house.

The first and easiest tip is to make it colorful! Sure the exterior should match the rest of the house, but the interior should be warm or vibrant depending on your personality. You need to give the porch some annual TLC anyway so this year why not add a splash of color to give the space a little durable personality? Paint isn’t very expensive for this small of a space, and it won’t eat up even one whole day to transform this aspect of your porch. Pink and White are always a great combination, but go with the scheme you like, it’s your porch!

Make your outdoor porch as comfortable as your indoor porch. Whatever furniture you choose to decorate with, there is no reason that it should only be durable and functional. Toss a blanket on that swing and add a few pillows to it as well. You likely have them stored away in your house so it may require no investment at all. Stop down to your local store and pick up some chair pads or cushions as well. Drape a tablecloth, not the plastic type, over your table and you have a porch that quickly has taken on a whole new personality.You can even consider moving a small radio outside so you can listen to your favorite music while you sip tea and discuss the day. It can all be functional and comfortable at the same time.

Design a Furniture scheme that makes sense. Don’t just push everything against the wall, create a space that is inviting. Circle your chairs as space allows to create a conversation pit. Make your table functional enough to serve as a great alternative location for eating meals. The key is to use the space so hat it is as practical as it is comfortable so that you actually want to spend time on it.

Don’t be afraid to decorate the porch. It may be mostly outside, but it is still a part of your home. Add in some nice touches like a table centerpiece, flower-boxes (plastic flowers are fine if you worry about insects), and maybe some small vases or statuettes. The point is to add in things you don’t usually associate with the porch so that you don’t think of the space as “just the porch” but rather another part of your home. Nothing says you can’t leave the table set with dishes and silverware for an extra touch of that homey feel.

The final tip to transform the space is to put yourself in it. You yourself transform he space just by using it. the more time you spend using it the more it will take on your personality bit by bit. You can repaint, add furniture, and all the decorative touches you want, but they all go to waste and pale in comparison to adding yourself to the picture! If you follow the first four tips, this final one will come naturally.


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