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Togetherville: Safe social networking for kids

Posted by mandyf on May 13, 2012

Togetherville is being hailed as perhaps the best social networking site for children that is currently available on the web. With so many parents worried about allowing their youngsters to have accounts with networking sites like Facebook or Myspace, Togetherville provides a safe alternative that is fun and educational. Even better, Togetherville allows parents to monitor their child’s activity to make sure that everything is on the up and up with tremendous ease.

Setting up a Togetherville account is very easy. Any parent with a Facebook account can use that account to set up a Togetherville account for their child. What makes such a difference between this site and so many others is that parents decide who will be their child’s friends. They can import family members and trusted friends from their own Facebook account to get things started with just a click. They can then follow that up by going through the Togetherville community to find classmates and friends from other areas to add to the list of safe contacts. The key to it all is that parental approval is a must.

To make things even more comforting, anything along the lines of external links are forbidden. They is no worry that a Youtube video of a stripper will wind on you’re your child’s wall. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a private conversation on Togetherville. That means that anything your child says or has said to them can be seen by the parent. Taking it to another level, all comments are pre-set so that nothing inappropriate gets through. The catch is, original comments can be posted by some kids, but only after they agree to a site code of conduct. If that code of conduct is violated, removal from the site is possible.

Once your child has an account, they can play games, interact with friends, and do online craft-like projects. They of course need credits to do some of these things which is where parents play a role. Parents set an allowance for their kids that they can raise or lower depending on their child’s conduct. The credits are free so there is no need to worry about breaking out your wallet. Another nice touch is that parental participation is strongly encouraged and there are activities designed for just that purpose.

For any parent with children ten or younger (even as old as 12 in some cases), Togtherville is a safe way to get your child introduced to the world of social networking. Kids remain kids for only so long, and Togetherville provides a perfect way to slowly help kids make that transition from being an online child to a responsible online young adult.


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  2. This looked interesting, but apparently Togetherville closed on March 11, 2012.

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