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Why Rudiger trashes share prices – one theory

Posted by mandyf on May 1, 2012

Oh Rudiger! You rascally rodent you! How you work in mysterious ways that defy all logic! If you play Empire Avenue, and you likely do if you’re reading this, you have to be familiar with Rudiger. Sometime around 6:00am he trods upon my account and makes adjustments to my share price. Sometimes the price goes up. Sometimes it goes down. Usually, it isn’t too drastic. A few centeaves here or there, but what gets me is when my share price drops and how it seems illogical. Out of curiosity, I tracked my network scores and Rudiger changes for a week. Here is a little taste of what I found. Oh – before anyone points me to another blog post about the algorithms, suspected or real, behind Rudiger – save it. Seriously. This is as much ranting for fun ( a lot of fun) as it is a true examination of the process.

I took a few half days off  to go to the zoo and sleep because I dig giraffes and I really dig naps, so I had a great baseline to work with as it dropped my dividends to a lower level than they had seen for several weeks. Below are my weekly averages and daily dividend counts from the day I came back mostly full-time. The “U” denotes an upward Rudiger adjustment and the “D” downward.



1.44/1.53   U
1.72/1.53   D
1.73/1.55   D
1.82/1.59   U
1.87/1.65   D
1.84/1.70   U
1.85/1.75   D

Going into each adjustment, my share price was in the green. I have not finished down a day this year yet. I have started off down a fair amount though after the adjustment. I only saw a network score drop one day –  on day 3 my FB profile was down 1 point to 71. That was also the day I took my biggest loss adjustment (-.463). During the week, I saw three network scores increase, two were in my top 5.

This morning, I saw Rudiger had dropped me a tiny little .062. It’s not a big deal, but it’s curious. My daily dividend increased. My network scores are steady. My Activity was right in my normal range. I had no large sell offs by anyone, and an average amount of my shares purchased. My share price increase from buys over the previous day was only about a .45 upward tick so it wasn’t like I had an abnormally big day. If anything, it was down. Why would this be a day Rudiger dings me down?

I have a theory….

Rudiger must be a distant cousin of Bugs Bunny and he must believe I am some sort of kin to Elmer Fudd. This is his payback for years of relentless, if inept, hunting during wabbit season. He has the power now and he isn’t afraid to wield it!

However much I feel like hunting the little rodent down with a pellet gun some days, I do realize it is a necessary evil to have him scampering around. It helps keep radically artificial inflation down a bit while rewarding those who are performing well but not getting the buys that reflect that.

Still, if I had a shovel I’d give him a little attitude adjustment on the top of the head!


3 Responses to “Why Rudiger trashes share prices – one theory”

  1. Too funny, Amanda! Perhaps there’s an Acme Rudiger trap somewhere we can use.

  2. mandyf said

    Some days I really wish there was. The better my day is, the worse the adjustment seems to be. That either means Rudiger thinks I’m always overachieving or I just suck. maybe he’s just senile or not getting any.

  3. sallykwitt said

    You are funny. Leave no theory untouched, it may be the right one!

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