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Skin care tips for women in their 20’s

Posted by mandyf on April 29, 2012

Women in their twenties have the advantage of youth on their side when it comes to great looking skin, for the most part at least. The years have yet to take their toll creating wrinkles, frown lines, or puffiness. For the most part the biggest problems women have with their skin during this period of their life is the on and off cycles of a minor zit breakout associated to their menstrual cycle or the pill. The key to skin care at this age is not so much how to make it look great now, but how to lay the foundation to keep it looking great for years to come.

 For women in their twenties two of the biggest enemies are the sun and partying when it comes to skincare. The impact the sun can have on skin is now well documented, yet most young women are still at that age when they feel invincible or don’t think that just a few years of roasting under the rays in pursuit of the perfect bronze is going to have any ill effects on them in the future. partying is of course another huge skincare enemy. The fact is at most parties there are two things which are almost always present; alcohol and smoke.

Prolonged exposure to smoke, even secondhand smoke on a regular basis, can set the stage for looking like an alligator bag down the road. Smoking constricts blood vessels which in turn means oxygen and blood aren’t being delivered efficiently which leads to early onset wrinkles due to the loss of elasticity in the skin. Alcohol dehydrates a person which leads to redness and swelling. Combine the breakdown of collagen with puffy red skin and it doesn’t take a genius to know that is not a good look.

Now that you know what the major stumbling blocks most women in their twenties can trace their skincare problems to, what can you do to lay a good foundation for healthy skin in the future? The first step is to kill the zits! Even if you are not currently having a breakout it is a good idea to treat your skin as if you were each and every day. Use a cleanser that has 2% salicyclic or glycolic acid. This is enough to help keep breakouts at bay but nor enough to strip away all of your natural oils and cause a problem. if you have oily skin try a cleanser with a very low benzoyl peroxide content, but be careful to not overdo it.

Take it easy on the cosmetics. in your twenties it is easy to go overboard, but you have to remember that everything you put on your face can potentially clog pores. You are young and your skin is at its best already, there is no need for heavy foundations and concealers on a daily basis. Go light, think less is more, and always make sure to do a thorough job of removing all the makeup you apply each day.

Also be very careful if you are using the above skincare regimen and you do have a breakout about going to heavy on the spot treatment of acne. There is such a thing as too much, and while light spot treatment for a day or two every now and then is fine, doing it regularly is counterproductive because it tends to make your skin too dry and overly sensitive. If you still have trouble with breakouts after trying the above treatment do see a dermatologist, there are several good prescription treatments like Epiduo, which is a gel that helps minimize swelling and keep pores from clogging.

 Watch what you eat! Processed foods may be convenient and some are pretty irresistible when the munchies hit, but when it comes to your skin they are the enemy. The main thing that makes processed foods so bad is the high sodium content, and that goes for most sodas on the market as well. So long as we are talking about taking care of the inside, get a good nights sleep. Lack of sleep can make you look like you went ten rounds with a baseball bat in a hurry. Sleep is when the body has a chance to repair itself, when you deprive yourself of that time everything slows down and over time the effects will visibly worsen.

Finally don’t wait until later to start an anti-aging regimen. It’s so easy to say next year you’ll start, or even in a few, but it is never to early to lay a strong foundation for healthy skin. it is far easier to do preventative maintenance than it is to do major structural repair which is surgery. You don’t have to go crazy devoting a lot of time each day, just make sure you use a daily moisturizer and do a thorough weekly scrub. That along with a regular daily cleaning routine is usually enough to keep you on the right track for a lifetime of healthy glowing skin.


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