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What would happen if you entered into a black hole?

Posted by mandyf on April 28, 2012

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to enter a black hole? The odds are, you haven’t, but you’ve probably wondered what goes on inside of one. The one thing we are as sure of as we can possibly be, if you were to enter a black hole, you’d die. You would never actually reach the singularity, but on the way to it, we have a solid idea of what would happen to you. To better understand this, let’s look at it in relation to things we are familiar with.

Gravity emanates from the center of the Earth. That gravitational pull is what keeps us from floating away. What few people realize is that the further you are from the center of the Earth, the less gravitational pull that is exerted upon you. This is true even in the tiniest of differences in distance from the core. For example, your feet are closer to the core of the Earth when you stand up than your head is. As such, your feet are impacted by gravity more. It is a miniscule difference, but very real. We don’t notice it because in relation to the size of the Earth, we are tiny specks.

A black hole, in comparison to Earth, is very small making our size in relation to the black hole much more important. Whatever enters it is impacted by the gravity generated at the center of a black hole significantly. Because of that size difference, a human entering a black hole feet first would gradually begin to physically realize gravity in a horrific way. At first, it would feel like stretching out before going for a jog or something. Then, however, you would notice that the gravity exerted on your feet (closest to the center of the black hole) would begin being pulled in quicker than your head. You would then feel the pressure on your sides increasing, enveloping you in a press like squeeze.

It wouldn’t take long before the difference in the gravity being exerted on your lower and upper body tears you in half. Once you’ve been halved, the process would be repeated over and over again on each half of your body in slightly less severe measures until the intermolecular forces that bind your flesh break down and turn into nothing but a stream of atoms. The actual term for this phenomena is spaghettification.

Eventually your atoms would reach the core of the black hole, be compressed over and over and remain there until the time when the black hole ceases to exist. It isn’t something you would want to try, but it goes to represent in an easy to understand way exactly what happens when any object enters a black hole and why that process takes place.


4 Responses to “What would happen if you entered into a black hole?”

  1. txwikinger said

    Reblogged this on txwikinger's blog.

  2. Tom Laing said

    Thanks Mandy, I really needed to know that – interesting video too

  3. azemalik said

    and what happen when we enter into barmuda triangle

  4. sallykwitt said

    Just up my alley! Love space and physics as topics. What a way to go, though. LOL

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