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Home waxing tips all women should know

Posted by mandyf on April 17, 2012

While the rules of waxing are quite simple many women really do not know what they are. While a salon wax is always the best way to go it costs a decent chunk change and not everyone has the money or desire to spend it when they can perform the procedure at home. Ask any woman that waxes at home for a horror story and the chances are they can provide you with more than one. That is the bad news about waxing; things can and often do go wrong. A bad wax job can leave skin torn and/or bruised which is a result nobody wants. The good news is that if you follow rules you won’t be the person that is happening to.

The most important rule of waxing is to know thyself. Not everyone should wax, and if you are unsure whether or not you should, only do a very small test area to find out. If you know you have sensitive skin waxing is not a good hair removal option for you for obvious reasons. Likewise do not try to wax areas which acne, scabs, warts, moles, cuts, or anything of that nature. Finally, if you have skin disorders or allergies to the wax itself, please do not wax! A hairless body is not worth a trip to the emergency room for an allergic reaction.

Rule number two is to never ever under any circumstances wax just after using a tanning bed or sunbathing. When we tan, naturally or artificially, the epidermis is damaged. When you wax a damaged layer of skin all too often a few layers of skin end up being removed along with the unwanted hair. The possible end result is lingering discomfort, bruises, and in the worst of cases scabs. As a general rule of thumb wait at least 24 hours after tanning so the skin has at least a minimal amount of time to heal itself.

After waxing, give yourself a break. Do not wax and then head out for the pool, sauna, jacuzzi, or sunbathing. So far as tanning the reason is obvious, you need to give your skin a few hours off after the process. So far as the pool and activities like that, keep this in mind: Most hot tubs, public pools and saunas are akin to a bacteria frappe. You do not want to expose your slightly damaged by waxing skin to bacteria. You only need to wait about four hours after waxing to partake in hose activities though so it doesn’t mean your whole day is lost.

If you are new to waxing it is probably a good idea to start off small and by all means do not try to give yourself a Brazilian your first time out of the gates. Be reasonable and work your way the food chain so far as the areas you groom this way. To be perfectly honest, you really shouldn’t try the Brazilian at home anyway, that is one of those areas best left to a pro in most cases.

As for the remainder of the rules that make for a great at home wax removal experience, there are a few that must be noted.

– Smooth the wax on in the direction of the hair growth. Pull the skin taut, and then remove as quickly as possible in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

 – Make sure your skin is clean and free from oils. If you have oily skin a light dusting of talcum powder will take care of that and help the wax stick to the hair instead of the skin providing a better result.

-If you can set your waxing schedule to coincide with your menstrual cycle it can be helpful, at least some people believe this. Some people swear that waxing should be done (especially the Brazilian) the week after your period ends as your threshold for pain is higher. This doesn’t mean it won’t hurt, just that it may not hurt as much.

-Make absolutely sure you exfoliate the day before you wax. It is imperative that you remove as much dead skin as possible before waxing so that shorter hairs can be more easily grasped and removed.

– If you have traditionally have problems with ingrown hairs, exfoliate again 48 hours after waxing. Even if you do not usually have this problem it still isn’t a bad idea.

– When it comes to trying to anesthetize yourself before waxing, you generally do more harm than good. Do not use ice to numb the area as it tightens the pores which is the exact opposite of you want. Having a couple of glasses of wine may seem like the trick, but the reality is alcohol actually can cause your skin to be more sensitive. Incidentally the same goes for caffeine. If you must numb yourself, stick to an over the counter Lidocaine spray (So long as you have no allergies to it), or whatever pain reliever you normally use like Motrin, or even Pamprin will do the trick.

Waxing at home isn’t impossible and it can be a huge money saver but it really isn’t for everyone. If you have skin problems or are one of those people that has a low pain tolerance and cannot bring yourself to grip it and rip it properly, do yourself a favor and see a professional. Follow the rules of waxing and you will have few problems, disregard them and be prepared for long pants for a week or two.


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