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The most valuable Webkinz

Posted by mandyf on April 11, 2012

The most valuable Webkinz offer a little bit of everything for everyone. While it isn’t too surprising that what most people would consider a fad item has gotten a little pricey, what is surprising is how pricey some of these little friends have gotten. Webkinz are not a terribly new thing, but they sure have appreciated at a rate commensurate with some serious collectibles.

When compiling this list a survey was made of published prices on collectors as well as collecting final sales prices from eBay. In some cases you may find a particular Webkinz for more or less, but in general these prices reflect what is being paid for each one on the open market. Much like Beanie Babies, Webkinz “retires” some of its releases after a certain manufacturing run which causes them to increase in value. Similarly, Webkinz hold their highest value when they still have their tag and are unused. All prices quoted assume that these two conditions have been met and the Webkinz is in near mint to mint condition otherwise.

At number is Pegasus carrying a list value of $45. Pegasus is retired, and is often touted as being impossible to find but the reality is that Pegasus is everywhere. On a good day it can be had at eBay for around $25, but in a hobby shop you can expect to pay above $50 in some cases. It is a cute item, and a favorite among young girls, but it hasn’t really made a huge jump in value yet although many believe it still will.

Gold and White Cat comes in with a $50 list value, but actually tends to sell a bit higher. This is in part due to being retired, but for the most part the value is driven by popularity. It is a favorite item with boys and girls, and to be honest it is just that adorable! be careful buying this on eBay as many are being sold with used codes which greatly devalue the item.

At number eight is Lil’ Kinz Persian Cat carrying a list value of $65. Many collectors feel this is a bit on the low side, in part because finding a true mint example of this is getting very tough as the white fur acts like a dust/dirt magnet displaying even gentle handling very visibly. This has not yet been retired, although that date is fast approaching. Once it is retired expect this to move up the list rather quickly as it is projected to spike at around $90 before settling into a steady appreciation scale.

Frog 1st Gen is another retired Webkinz that has settled in at about $90. It isn’t the best looking of Webkinz to most, and it has never been terribly popular, but it is a bit of a rarity. As such the value of this item is mostly based on scarcity rather than actual demand. Frog 1st Gen can usually be found for a lower price on eBay or similar sites, but it isn’t as regular an item there and usual requires paying at or near full list price to a dealer in order to get a new working code piece with tags.

At number six is St. Bernard, the dog not the man! It is currently sitting at about $100 although some sites selling retired Webkinz are going as high as $115. On eBay this can be found around $80, although any buyer must beware of counterfeits with this particular issue. The value of St. Bernard is mostly driven by popularity as it isn’t particularly rare, but it is always in demand and sells with a fair amount of ease.

Unicorn is ranging in value around $110 if you can find one. This particular piece was printed in slightly higher quantities according to many collectors and dealers although the manufacturer has not confirmed that. As there are many collectors of anything “unicorn” this is an item that held great crossover appeal and attracted many people that purchased it for the novelty it carries alone. As such there are many of these available with good working codes in above average condition despite being retired. The problem is locating them as many people owning these have no idea they have appreciated so much and therefore haven’t even thought of selling them on the open market.

Sherbert Bunny has been one of the more popular retired Webkinz carrying a list value of around $170. With that said they are fairly easy to locate on eBay for half that. The kicker is that this is one of the Webkinz you will find a ton of dissatisfied buyers with through that venue. In part there are the forgeries which crop up with any hot novelty, and in larger part many have been sold with reattached tags as new which certainly hurts their value. So while that $70 or $80 Sherbert Bunny on n auction site may look great, and may very well be authentic and new with a working code, be very careful.

Love Puppy comes in at number three. With his hearts all over his body he is simply adorable and it’s no wonder he has always been in high demand reflected by the $170 list price. Unlike Sherbert Bunny where there are plenty of examples in good condition or that have been gently used, Love Puppy is in actuality much harder to find. In fact an authentic example usually won’t appear on eBay for an opening bid (with reserve) for less than $70, and a buy now price for less than $125. In a depressed economy that is saying something.Love Puppy is also a retired Webkinz.

The second most valuable Webkinz is the retired Cheeky Cat. Cheeky Cat is listed with a value of $225 and has been in demand from day one. It is getting increasingly hard to locate an authentic mint example of this as it was an original release and most were activated and used without anyone giving a second thought to it ever holding any value.

Finally the most valuable Webkinz is also the best known and the companion to Cheeky Cat, Cheeky Dog. Cheeky Dog is currently valued at $600 for the same reasons as Cheeky Cat, but carries a broader appeal which also increased value. it is rumored that there are very few left that have never been activated, and if you try to find one you will likely agree.

It is important that anyone that plans to buy a Webkinz as a collectible understands that value can ebb and flow as is true with any fad. Some of these may be worth very little in several years, or like Beanie Babies there may be a handful that always hold value. Also take caution when purchasing these online from any sites that do not offer a satisfaction guarantee. While it is a sad reality, counterfeiters have had a field day with some of these and if the price looks too good to be true, it may very well be.


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  1. It is amazing how much toys and collectibles can end up being worth over time.

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