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10 great EAv players you need to connect with

Posted by mandyf on April 7, 2012

I know a big part of EAv is getting invested in players that deliver the divs that make young girls swoon and grown men say “Damn!”, but there is more to the game than that. For me at least. A big part of Empire Avenue is meeting new people and sharing ideas. I like seeing what people have written, looking at their art whether it be paintings or photos and listening to their music. In some cases, the fun of being connected is just that. the conversations I’ve had with some people are what at times makes the day worthwhile. It’s what keeps me trying to connect – you never know where or when you’re going to find someone that shares something with you that brightens the day or makes you look at things differently.

While some of the players have divs that are nothing short of WOW!, others don’t. What makes them good to connect with is that they get this is a game of reciprocity. The big players with huge wealth are well known. They don’t need the extra press from me, they generate bigger buzz on their own than I ever could. Instead, these are some players that you may have missed. Maybe you weren’t blown away by their dividends and missed them. Maybe you’ve just never ran into them before or forgot about them because you didn’t have anything to invest in them one day. Whatever the reason may be, consider them and take a shot.

John Philpin, better known as Fractals is a solid investment for his divs alone, but he is a fun guy to hook up with. He interacts with you beyond being compelled to for a mission. When you invest in John you get John and he has a cool pic on his avatar which is enough for me.

Vitus Feldman, AKA Maxus1com, is one of my favorite players on the Ave. I like that Vitus is no BS. He’ll speak up when he sees a problem. Just as easily though he’ll drop you a cool comment on your FB page or whatever just because. Great earner, nice guy and he has content you should be checking out just because it really is that good.

Sally K. Witt in many ways reminds me of my mom. Very sharp, very involved and you won’t slide anything past her. When you connect with Sally, you really connect with her. She isn’t going to subscribe to your blog or friend you just to pad numbers. She is going to get to know you as a person rather than a commodity she has a stake in. It’s always a great feeling when Sally stops by and gives you a little thumbs up to let you know you’ve done well.

Dan Stepel is a solid investment, nice guy and well connected around the web. If none of that was true though, you’d still want to hook up with him because the guy will make you laugh your balls off – assuming you have them. if you don’t, it’s probably because he already made you laugh them off.

Karen Briggs is always on my “must have” list because if you can’t enjoy her writing, you can’t enjoy anything. Plus, she’s a little twisted. Not so openly twisted as me, she keeps the crazy just below the surface. You see it now and then in her status updates. For those alone, you need to hook up with her.

Tom Laing is a sweet guy with + divs. Every time I see his picture with his dog curled up with him I want to make the guy a bowl of soup and brush his pooches fur. I don’t know why, but that’s part of why I’m so heavily medicated. When I think of Tom, the two words that keep coming to mind are loyal and kind. if you don’t have at least some shares in Tom, I question humanity.

Ashley Drake Gephart  has been one of the newer players I’ve most enjoyed meeting. She always seems to pop in with just the right comment at just the right time. Good divs and blah blah blah, but Ashley is a pure ball of sunshine to just shoot the breeze with. If you aren’t connected to her, you are missing out on some great content and a really nice person. A ball of sunshine I say! (In case you missed that the first time).

Ralph Janke is a guy that is invaluable to network with. I don’t know if anyone has shared my content more than Ralph. No matter what network I go to, there he is and he’s quietly sitting in the middle of all the action. At least it seems that way. Ralph is one of the most genuinely nice guys I’ve met in my few months playing.

Grace Alexander, DBA Brilliance On Demand. My partner doesn’t live on EAv, but she runs really good missions a few times each week, has a div that is not at all out of line for her price and she bought me a 42″ flatscreen with the “basket of joy” containing gobs of junk food so I can really enjoy watching baseball all year. She also makes me dinner and has some great stuff she shares on her FB wall. The more you invest and hold in her, the more I do in you… is that a direct enough plug? lol When she’s happy, I am. When I’m happy, I buy!

Danil Kofner has been endlessly generous helping promote my posts and visiting my networks since I began playing. He’s one of those folks that makes me feel happy when he stops by. For me, being supportive, nice and making me smile is as good of an endorsement as I can give.

Okay, you didn’t make the list… I picked 10 because it seemed like the right number and would get this finished before next week. there are loads of great people to hook up with. Emmanuel Gonot, Gaye Crispin, Kevin Green, Reg Saddler, Anne thomas, John Gushue, Nicheprof, Paul Steinbrueck, Steve SchraderBacher, Terry Rota, Guillermo de Llera, Peter Hollens, Peter Tarkkonen, Elza Van Swieten, Joanne Greco, Gregory Jackson, Richard Blaquiere, DES Daughter and the list could go on. All of them have been great to network with, but like I said, I had to stop at ten or I’d be here all day.


23 Responses to “10 great EAv players you need to connect with”

  1. V. said

    Reblogged this on New York City Marketing and commented:
    Thanks for creating this one. Really good tips.

  2. danajlange said

    I couldn’t have pulled a better list together myself. All great connections. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Reblogged this on lastbabyboomer.

  4. Wow what can I saw. I guess the check cleared.

    Many thanks for your kind words and continued support.

  5. AshDHart said

    Came looking to see who was familiar and who was new to me. Surprised to see my name. Thanks so much! I’m off to invest in the new to me now. 🙂

  6. sallykwitt said

    I love you, too! It is so much fun getting to know you better with every blog post. I would be honored to be your Mom. Thanks for including me on your great list.

  7. Tom Laing said

    Thanks for the recommendation Mandy, pretty much sums me up, a great wrap. Off to do some new investing.

  8. ridexc said

    You’re gonna make me post that Wayne’s World video again, aren’t you.

    Just so you know, you ruined a perfectly good foul mood brought on by yet another iTunes card with a magic code that peeled off with the stupid protective backing! Now my rant to the Apple help line is going to be all feeble. 😉

  9. Tom Laing said

    Reblogged this on The Blog of Tom Laing and commented:
    Great post – I’m mentioned in it too!

  10. WOW – talk about coming out of the left field – THANKYOU – you know it is a two street don’t you 🙂

  11. By the way there was only one person I wasn’t already invested in – and three more not yet maxed – but that balance will be redressed on the morrow !

  12. mandyf said

    It’s what I live for, although if I was keeping up better today, I never would have done anything to ruin a foul mood before talking to Apple support. They are Satan’s underlings and need to be tormented for producing those crappy cards.

  13. mandyf said

    I just think there are some awesome people that sometimes get lost in the shuffle because they aren’t “power players” or don’t have awesome stats or whatever. I like fun people. I like people that give as much s they take. When I think people deserve a little something extra, beyond the investment, I try to give them some boosts. Maybe that is something like this, or maybe it is something else, but when kudos are due, kudos are given! Enjoy them, you earned it.

  14. I invested 25 in each of the 6 I did not already have shares in – thanks for the list!

  15. Great list of great folks, thanks!

  16. I think I was in for 40% but now at 100%, thanks for the recommends

  17. I’ve been planning to extend my network on EAve.. And BAM!!! Here comes this awesome post in my Twitter timeline! Thanks for the awesome post!

  18. txwikinger said

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    Thanks for the mentioning Amanda 🙂

  19. i loved it so much the link is now my EA bio 🙂

  20. Anne Thomas said


  21. Kim @ QwikR.me said

    Reblogged this on qwikr and commented:
    Great list of EAv players

  22. Many Thanks!

  23. vanwouw said

    Great list!

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