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LGBT Liberians placed on hit list by MOGAL – Government turns blind eye

Posted by mandyf on April 4, 2012

The world knows all about Kony 2012 and if people ever seem to get inspired again about bringing him to justice, that will be a good thing. . I think however there is possibly an issue right now that is just as important. Joseph Kony hasn’t been active for at least 6 years, is widely believed to be dead actually, and in his own country people do not seem to care about apprehending him as much as people outside of Africa do.  To be sure, If Kony is alive he needs to be brought to justice. Don’t confuse my tiring of the commercialization of his capture for not caring. But if people want to get behind something in Africa and have the US and whatever other countries so desire to stick their nose in something – Liberia is where we should be involved.

Why Liberia and not Uganda chasing Kony? As stated above, Kony has been believed dead for 6 years. In Liberia however there is a very active organization called MOGAL which is Movement Against Gays In Liberia. Yeah, I know, The Acronym doesn’t actually work, but we’re dealing with some serious skull jelly running MOGAL. MOGAL is an active hate group that operates under the guise of upholding Christian values and traditions – like murder and torture. I’m not a Christian, but even I know that decent Christians do not believe in murder and torture as a means of salvation – not since the Inquisition at least. The members of MOGAL are known in their own country. The police know them. The politicians including their sock puppet president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Nobel Peace  Prize winner and douche bag deluxe, know who is in MOGAL. No one tries to stop them though – on the contrary, they quietly approve.

How could I, or anyone, say they approve? In Liberia, commission of a consensual homosexual act carries a 1 year prison sentence. On paper, they say that means a sex act has to have been committed. In reality, it can be a kiss. It can be hug. It can be touching in a manner deemed “Faggy”. It could be the arresting officer is just pissed off and wants to get someone put away. This is Liberia, not  North America or Europe. Abuses like that are par for the course unfortunately.

Her scarf says "Unity" - how nice for heterosexuals. Homos not allowed I guess

Sirleaf, to demonstrate where her allegiance is, has openly stated she will not decriminalize homosexuality. In fact, she is throwing support behind the initiatives of some lawmakers pushing to have the minimum sentence for homosexuality raised to 10 years in prison. A place, no doubt, where plenty of homosexual activity will take place in the form of rape. Sirleaf knows who these people are – they have announced them self publicly, yet Moses Tapleh and others are still free.

Sirleaf, the elected officials of Liberia and the police, have all pretended to not know about the leaflet distributed by MOGAL which clearly advocated for specific people to die. A leaflet that has been seen around the world, but somehow not by anyone in Liberia that holds a position of elected or appointed authority. Among the passages found in the leaflet, here are some that clearly spell out what MOGAL sees as their duty:

A. “Having conducted a comprehensive investigation, we are convinced that the below listed individuals are gays or supporters of the club who don’t mean well for our country. Therefore, we have agreed to go after them using all means in life.”

B. “Let these individuals be aware that we are coming after them soon. We urge them to also begin saying their Lord’s prayers.”

C. The group said those involved in promoting gay rights “should not be given space to get a gulp of air.”

Moses Tapleh, who has been the mouthpiece for MOGAL to this point has stated on the record that the threats in their flier must be taken seriously and they will be taking action soon. He has stated that those appearing on the list as well as other known homosexuals and supporters could be subjected to “dangerous punishments” which could include “Flogging and death.” While MOGAL is not claiming responsibility, one man on the list has begun receiving personal threats. Two more are in hiding and supposedly arranging a way off the entire continent. Another woman was “correctively raped” by a group of men, some claiming to be MOGAL.

Towleroad reported: “Archie Ponpon and Abraham Kamara, two activists with Movement for the Defence of Gays and Lesbians in Liberia (Modegal), have been confronted by angry mobs in recent weeks, causing them to seek safety at the police station. The home of Ponpon’s mother was burned down: He suspects it was an arson attack by people who do not support his stance. ‘Since this incident, my mother has been in hiding,’ he says.”

US taxpayers spend $150 million or so each year to support Liberia. The number always goes up when the final accounting is done because every year there are always emergencies in Liberia requiring emergency bailouts and we just keep forking over the money. As American taxpayers, nay, human beings, we have a responsibility to speak up. How can we espouse to be people that are for human rights when we so generously support a government that quietly ascents to the murder of people based on their sexual orientation?

Since news of the MOGAL flier broke through mainstream news outlets, a number of crimes have been attributed to MOGAL which targeted LGBT individuals. Some correctly to be sure, but others in all likelihood erroneously. While people like Moses Tapleh have gone public and openly advocated that the citizens of Liberia murder homosexuals both specifically named on the MOGAL list and not, he has not been arrested. He has not been detained. He has not been officially or unofficially questioned. NO member of MOGAL in fact has even been questioned regarding their call to arms to eradicate all known homosexuals and punish their supporters.

Speak up.

Don’t be silent.

Today it is the murder of someone you never met on the other side of the world just because they are gay.

Tomorrow it may be the murder of someone you know a few miles away, just because they are gay.

One day, it could be me that is murdered, just because I am gay.

We always say it won’t happen here. We don’t do that. We would never allow that. Look around. We do allow it and injustices so disgusting it is beyond reproach. We are supporting governments that do those same things and worse. Speak up. Don’t be silent. Don’t let anyone else be made a victim or martyr.

peace  on earth


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