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Radio Station 104.7 the Fish fails to respond to Disney contest scam allegations

Posted by mandyf on March 30, 2012

Christian radio station Fish 104.7 is allowing their contest to send a family to Disney to be scammed and refuses to this point to answer publicly for it. A friend of a participant, that is accused of gaming the contest, has assured everyone her friend wouldn’t cheat and needs to take her kids back to Disney because she and her husband both have to work – and that is hard! Totally different from Hannah’s mother that has to work 2 jobs on her own and then take care of 2 kids – one that has CP.



Hannah – this little 4 1/2 year old girl with CP was ahead in this contest by a couple hundred votes. The contest to send her to Disney run by christian station 104.7, The Fish, has been fixed.  An account way back by hundreds of votes suddenly started getting votes in batches – 50 and 100 at time exactly in a matter of 30 minutes to 1 hour each batch. Once a lead of 140 votes over Hannah was established – the rigged account suddenly went from 3 votes per minute to no votes at all. Once Hannah got more votes – the rigged acct. kicked in and started piling in another batch of 50. After numerous people following the contest began calling BS on it ans posting so publicly on the contest wall itself, the batch votes stopped.

The radio station, which has been contacted multiple times by multiple contest watchers and participants even,  will not answer on any social platform. Chad Davis, the promotions manager in charge of the contest won’t take phone calls and is not answering his email concerning it. Not even to say they will look into it.

Kim Pilcher Sitzmann, (From linked acct. she used to comment on contest) a mammographer at Morgan Memorial Hospital is leading the charge for her free vacation because life is hard on her having to work at a small hospital and make ends meet. Her husband, a athletic trainer, has to work 6 day weeks at Gehlen HS  just to help out! How horrible. Her friend, Anne Goodman Stamps, stated on the 104.7 Facebook page that all the votes came in because the town rallied around this family they love that needs to go back to Disney again so much. No answer on how the votes come in consistent sized blocks. No answer on how the whole school mobilized to vote for them – which seems odd to use as an explanation as school is not in session for spring break. Try as you may, there is no explaining the very mechanical voting style that can actually be predicted to the vote by having friends that want to throw you some votes. Friends don’t vote in blocks of 50 and 100 and then stop and start back again 30 minutes later in blocks of 50 and 100 again.
Hannah has had a bad year. Her dad split and left them high and dry. Her mom is struggling to make it working 2 jobs. Her brother is 7 and it’s tough on kid. And Hannah of course has CP. They could use this way more than a radiologist at Morgan Memorial hospital that has the balls to use a picture of two of her 3 healthy kids already at Disney.


3 Responses to “Radio Station 104.7 the Fish fails to respond to Disney contest scam allegations”

  1. Randy Duckworth said

    This just sucks! My gosh, is there no one left in this world with enough morals to run a fair contest? You would really expect better from a so-called “christian” radio station! I voted in the contest for little Hannah, and it makes me sick that something like this would be allowed to go on unquestioned by those in charge! Jeez…what a sad world we live in!!!! 😦

  2. mandyf said

    This is why I have so little faith in people. All these people dog pile anyone that questions the extremely irregular way votes come in by the batch gets bashed as a Christian hater by Christians making arguments that in no way reflect true Christian spirit or even make an iota of sense. It’s just awful and it’s bullshit.

  3. Emmie said

    Omg how horrible, it clearly sounds like it was fixed! Boo on them

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